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Witchcraft - A True Story

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This was some time ago, one of my friends from high school was down in it. Having bad luck after bad luck and even dealing with troubles at home. There was almost no where for him to find peace. So, he went ahead and finally bit into the traditional dogma bullet and went to see a medicine man. 

He told him all that has happened and everything bad thing he endure, even the family woes that was happening. The medicine man listened. Stared into the embers of a fire and after a short while of silence. He speaks and tells my friend that someone took deep envy of him and nail a goat bladder to a tree that was struck by lightning, inside this bladder held contents that were linked to him and his family, and he said, if it falls. He would die, as of all the bad things that were happening; it was due to the state of the bladder. The more it decayed. The more worse his luck would have him.

So, the medicine man gives directions in great detail where to find this tree. Gave him a protection thingy for the meanwhile. The next day, my friend ventures out to find this tree, exactly from what the medicine man said, it lead him straight and true to the tree. The tree itself was absolutely dead, fried by a thunderbolt. 

He approached the tree and to his shock, there, crudely nailed to it's burnt bark, was a fly ridden bladder. Clustered in brown dried blood and swarmed with bugs. My friend barely lifts it up and out pops the nails. The nails themselves didn’t even look like regular nails you would buy from a hardware store. These nails looked ancient, menacing and sinister in nature.

After he retrieved the bladder, he opened it up and inside, he finds bundles of his hair, different types of bones, even coming across a snake fang and picture of him and his family.

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