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Warning ! Dark Shadows are Around You

dark creatures

My name is Bill. I come from the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota. In the late 90's, if i remember correctly it was around 1995. A friend of mine, his name is Terry, he wanted to go out to a place called red shirt table to do some praying about things in his life, if you are from pine ridge reservation then you know the area I am talking about.

Terry asked me to go with him and I agreed. We left Pine Ridge about 45 minutes or so before sundown, we were listening to the radio. His girlfriend and a friend of hers came for the ride and were talking away like women do, he was driving and I was riding shotgun with the two of them between us. We came up to the table and made the turn onto a road that is on the west side of the road and we followed it to the west edge of red shirt table. The sun had gone down and it was getting dark as we were parked there. He didn’t tell his girlfriend why he wanted to go so when we parked, he told her and her friend Mary what he wanted to do. He got out and started walking towards the edge of the table, I stayed behind with his girlfriend and Mary, we were just sitting in the truck, they were talking, laughing and I was listening to the radio as he disappeared into the dark.

While we were waiting for him, the girls could see what appeared to be headlights from Highway 79 moving south to north from Buffalo Gap to Rapid City and pointed them out. It didn’t look right so I got out and told them to stay in the truck, I walked around to the front of his truck and looked at them through binoculars. They weren’t headlights, they were balls of light moving along the prairie, they would blink on and off and that what gave the impression they were headlights. I thought they were passing hills between us and Highway 79, until I seen them through the binoculars. It was getting creepy then as they multiplied in number, as I was watching the girls got out and they were watching them too. I passed the binoculars to them and told those weren’t headlights.

They laughed at me until they looked for themselves. We watched the lights move back and forth for a good half hour, the girls were getting more and more freaked out and wanted to leave. I told them to get back in the truck and wait, terry should be back soon, he was just going to pray and leave some food for the spirits.

They both got back in the truck and I started to get that feeling of being watched as I walked to the back of the pick up, the hair on my arms was starting to go up when they screamed inside the truck. They both piled out of the drivers side door and they had a scared look on their face that I could see under the bright starlight. They told me that someone was trying to open the doors on both sides, they thought it was just terry and I messing around until they seen me standing at the back of the truck. Just then, someone pulled or yanked really hard on the door, that’s why they screamed, if they didn’t lock the doors when they got in, the door would have flew open.

They were borderline hysterical and were hollering for terry to come back. There was no answer from him so they got even more scared, I told them to get back in the truck and wait. They got in and we waited. After 10 minutes or so, I decided to walk to the edge of the table where I last seen terry walking towards. The hair on my arms started to go up and the back of my neck the hairs were standing up and I knew we needed to get out of there but Terry wasn’t where I thought he was. I was whispering his name and telling him we needed to get out of there but there was no answer. I walked back to the truck and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger. The girls had the radio up loud now and were really looking around as I tapped the hood of the truck they both screamed. I walked up to them and told them we needed to leave soon. They asked if I seen terry, I told them no and told them to lock the door and keep the windows up, I would stay outside the truck and keep looking for him. I asked them if they remembered the way we came in and if it came to it, they would have to drive out if something happened.

I walked to the back of the truck and I was looking around but didn’t see anything. I heard something moving towards the front of the truck and I looked that way but all I couldn’t see anything. Whatever it was, was moving away from the truck, I could hear its steps in the sandy gravel soil as it moved away towards the edge of the table. Then the feeling of dread came back to me but it was more intense then I felt the first time but now it was behind me. I turned around quickly and then everything felt like it went into slow motion. I could see two things behind us in the dark, they were dark shadows. I walked quickly towards the dark shadows because one looked like Terry but he was struggling up the side of the table. The fear was hitting me big time as I walked in that direction, I got close enough to see that it was Terry but the shadow behind him was twice his height and it was a feeling of pure evil, it was like covering him like a blanket. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, I was just standing there and something inside told me that I couldn’t let that shadow come any closer.

I did the first thing that came to mind, I yelled at it and told it to “go away!!! Leave him alone!!! You don’t belong here!!!” I waved at it like I was chasing it away, then it just stopped where it was and the spell was broken, everything went back to normal speed if you can call it that. Terry was breathing heavy and sweating, he started to run towards me and the truck. I told him to run, that shadow was still standing there behind him. I yelled at it one more time and it disappeared. Terry jumped in the drivers side and I jumped the passenger side and we left in one hell of a hurry back to the main road, the girls were asking what was going on, they were still freaked out from the first time and this just added to the fear.

I kept looking back as we made our way to the main road. No one spoke once we got back on the road and made our way back into pine ridge. It wasn’t until we were back in pine ridge that Terry told us that when he went to the edge to pray, something came up the table and it was evil. In the time that he was gone, he was trying to lead it away from the girls but it stayed on him. It stayed with him until he was too exhausted to do anything anymore, he said everything was going pitch black around him and he started back towards where he thought the truck was. When I yelled at it, whatever force it was using was broken, that’s when he seen me and then we both ran back to the truck.

I know most people don’t believe in dark shadows or dark entities but I seen one that night. I can still see it as I am writing this. Everything that happened is still fresh in my memory. Back then, I told myself that I don’t ever want to see one ever again. I was wrong, time proved me wrong on that. I’ll save that story for another time.

Source: Bill LoneHill

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