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Little People - Believe Me I Met Them !


little people

A true story.. when I was hiking with my family thru the mountains, we went into a bunch of caves. I swear, I swear, I swear.... when my son and i bent down to look deeper into a crevice we saw 2 small little creatures looking  back at us. 

They scurried away. So i thought they were burrows or badgers. We were walking away and my son and I bent down to pick up our bags and they both came running out and ran across the cave into another crevice. They ran upright and were wearing, I swear to God, little rags as clothes. They had HUGE ears and claws as feet and hands. 

The one actually turned and looked at us. The funny part of the story is he or she seemed to point at us all angry and was mumbling.  My son grabbed my hand. He was a little shaking up. I reached into the other crevice that they ran into and my hand grabbed a little ladder.. I'm not even joking. To this day, my family does not believe us. 

My son has actually started to document cave creatures because of this. He is determined to find them again. It was just a chance thing that we found them. I still wonder what they are. I know you might not believe me but it was so amazing and a one time thing of a lifetime....

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