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My Ghost Experience with Ouija Board | Warning - Never Ever Try it !

Ouija Board

If anyone needs more proof that Ouija boards are bad energy. 

So I moved out of my family home 2 years ago. My girlfriend and I were moving into our own apartment. As i was packing, my mom asked if i could do her a favor. I replied "Of course". We walked outside to her car. She opened the trunk of her car and pulled out a black trashbag. I thought it was more clothes maybe. Instead she pulled out an Ouija board. 

Now ive never believed in the energy from ouija boards. She asked if i could help her get rid of it. She believed it was bad luck to just throw it away. She said it was in the attic of the house but my grandmother didnt want it in the house anymore. So i said ill take it with me.  I left it in the black trashbag and put it in the 3rd row of my tahoe. It stayed there for awhile and i almost forgot it was even there. As time went on my girlfriend and i started to have some pretty real nightmares. While i was at work one day i remember getting a text from her asking if i was home. Later she told me that while laying in our bedroom with her back to the door. 

She heard someone come into the bedroom and walk towards the bed. She was expecting me lay down next to her, after nothing happened. She turned around to see that no one was standing there. The house never felt empty. I would see shadows in our hallway. My girlfriend would hear talking in other rooms of our apartment. Finally something happened that ill never be able to explain... my girlfriend and i were sitting in our vehicle outside of our place. Our 7month old son was in his car seat in the second row of our tahoe. And to tell the truth, we were arguing. I cant really remember what we were arguing about exactly but it makes what happen more credible. 

We were sitting in the vehicle for awhile to the point where my girlfriend got comfortable. She had her back to her door with her legs crossed. In the middle of us arguing, i noticed her looking out my driver side window and into the side mirror.  Suddenly she screamed at me to lock the doors!! I glanced over at my mirror and saw this very tall all black figure standing next to the backdoor on the driver side. I went into a panic state. What was probably only 2-3 seconds felt like forever. I couldnt concentrate on the buttons on my door. I finally heard the doors lock. It was dead silent for a few seconds... we both looked at eachother in disbelief. Reassuring that we both saw the same thing. I immediately drove out of the parking lot, still having a panic attack so i pulled into the nearest gas station. After calming down, we decided to go back to the apartment. 

We parked in the same parking spot. And both studied the mirror. What makes this so crazy is that there are no street lights in that parking lot. But for some reason we both saw that dark figure standing there. Which means it had to have some type of ominous glow to it. Take into consideration that we know all of our neighbors who come over all the time. So why was this figure so frightening to us. Plus. We were arguing. So us  both matrixing something or imagining something would be odd. Because most ghost sighting happen when people are scared or are looking for ghost. 

Because their paranoia level is so high that their minds will play tricks on them. The next day i asked my mom where the ouija board came from. She said she doesnt know. It was found in our attic. I looked over the box and it has its Trademark year as 1972. I had the board placed in a building that i would consider very blessed. Since removing the board from my car and away from my family, things are perfectly fine. Here are some photos of the board. The building as had no reports of paranormal activity with the board. 

Sorry for the long story. Hope you enjoyed.

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