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The Mudhead Prowler

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To understand this story, you have to understand the background of where I live. Living in Blackrock, NM within the Zuni rez. Is residential subdivisions around the Zuni Hospital. Where the hospital stands now used to be an old Indian boarding school. And where the old residential subdivision stands used to be an old Cemetery. And just east of the subdivision, is a little store named mini mart with an old RV Park. That's also an old cemetery but for babies I heard. 

And on the eastside of the RV park is another subdivision call Cottonwood where I live. Within the RV park are trails that cut across to get to the other subdivisions. I remember when we first moved there I could heard women and babies crying late at night. It sounded like a funeral were everyone is crying at once very eerie. But that another story.

As years passed I grow up there. With a beautiful lake that used to be there and the forest where we played and explored it was great but haunted. From hearing tales about a nurse being seen walking up in an old uniform in the middle of the night. To hearing tales about witches dressed like evil looking Kachinas. This story is about my first encounter with a mudhead witch.

It was winter break of 95 just before Christmas.I was about 13 years old. My bro (friend) and I spend the whole day chilling at his house cause his folks were away at work. So we just hung around his house with my bro's older brother. Well it was around after 5pm and my bro wanted to go to his cousin's house. Which was on the other side of the old sub. So we made our way west cutting across the RV park. I remember it was cold, cloudy and was about to snow. We walked almost to the west end of the old sub where my bro's cousin lived. When we got there it was just his cousin and the two little brothers home alone. So we just hung out and played video games in the living room. We lost track of time playing games. 

It was almost 10 o'clock, and we were interrupted by the two little brothers running in crying from their rooms. " We saw something with big black eyes looking in our window!" They yelled. We lower the volume and the three of us went to investigate. As we walked out the house it was snowing. We walked around the house but no one, just foot prints from the kids window. As we were outside the kids yelled we had a phone call. It was my bros mom telling us to get home. I could still hear her yelling into the phone getting after my bro. So we all laughed and brushed It off. " We better get going before we get in trouble." Said my bro and so we did. 

The wind was blowing and it was cold. It was dark, with no moon light. Walking back east to the other side. We were talking about walking around the park cause the trails was dark and pitch black. Just as we got near the park we noticed Someone sitting on the woodpile on the side of the path we were taking. As we got near the woodpile my bro said "hey check it out someone's all drunk!" Haha. Just then figure turned around quickly and stared at us.. It had black Hollow eyes and a black hollow mouth. It look like mudhead Kachina, but instead of the red colored sand and a humble look. It looked blue gray like a ghost. 

It look like there was long hair coming out its eye holes.You could hear him breathing hard and see the steam of it's breath, it had a black blanket cover around it. We stood there in shock. Just then it stood up quickly and we booked it Running towards the park. I look back and it was chasing us. "Oh shit! Run run run! I said it was gaining on us making noise "WOOoooo DA WOOOooooooo!!" We ran as fast as we can, cutting through the trails I could still hear him running after us and the noise it made. We ran through the dark trails still hearing it make its moans "WOOOOooooo!" Dogs begin to bark everywhere, as we made our way back to the subdivision. I look back and saw it run back towards the forest making its noise in the distance. 

My bro flip over a rock as he looked back I grab him up quickly. We got to my Bros house and lock the doors. My bro was so scared he grabbed his dad's gun and his brother was wondering why. And that was my first encounter with a mudhead witch. That night I just spent the night at my bros house. Didnt want to walk home. Just the sight of that evil looking mudhead give me chills knowing it was walking around outside. But that's just how it is in my area to this day.

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