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The Haunted Hospital - Real Experience of a Retired Nurse

haunted hospital

I am a retired nurse and worked at an Indian Hospital for almost 20 years.  This hospital was supposedly haunted and I had several first hand experiences with weird happenings while I worked there.  I'mma tell you about one of those experiences.

I was transferred to the Nursing Supervisors office and worked the 4-12 pm shift and our office was on the 3rd floor.  The units had been shut down years before so the entire floor had been converted to offices.  I heard lots of stories about this floor before I began to work there so I was understandably nervous about working there all alone.  

I worked with a security officer who made rounds every couple of hours and he always told me hello when he first saw me as he passed by our office.  He had a distinct way of walking as he came down the hall and I always knew it was him.  One evening, I was standing with my back to the door when I heard footsteps coming down the hall.  I didn't look toward the door because I was busy working copying a report due the next day.  

As "It" passed the door, I heard the the usual "Hello."   I said Hello "D".  I heard the stairwell door open and close when I realized that the voice I heard wasn't "D".  I left the office to go to the stairwell which was right next door to where our office was.  I looked over the 3rd floor landing and saw the back of someone walking down the stairwell so I hollered "hey D!  This person kept on going down the stairs.  I wanted to see who it was so I started walking as fast as I could down the stairs too.  

The door at the bottom squeeked when it was opened and I knew whoever it was went out the door.  I wasn't far behind and I pushed open the door and went out into the hallways.  One hall went north, one west and the other south.  No one was in any of the halls at all!

I went to the elevator and rode back up to the office.  As I was getting out of the elevator, I saw "D" walking toward me.  I said, "were you just up here!?"  He said no.   Gosh, I turned pale as a ghost he said as I proceeded to tell him what just happened.  This is just one of my experiences while working there.

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