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Do You Believe Demons? This is My True Story


I was 24 years old and had just began working as an Activities Director at a small assisted living facility. If you're unfamiliar as to what an Activities Director does, I was put in charge of the residents day to day going ons and also to bring a little fun to their lives by booking entertainment and arranging outings. This was great as it allowed me to be in contact with all residents.

The facility I worked in was divided into three buildings, or cottages as we called them. The first cottage would have been total assist residents, the second cottage those who were in the earlier stages of dementia and alzheimer's, while the third cottage was mostly comprised of cognitive elderly folks who were there for rehabilitation after a bad fall or surgery.

I had been on the job less than a month when a new resident arrived, we'll call her Lana. Lana had gone in for routine hip replacement surgery but was met with a few complications, so was sent to us for more one on one care during her recovery. Technically she should have been checked into our third cottage as she was entirely coherent, but there was currently no space for her there, so she ended up in the second cottage.

As I was also a CNA (certified nurses aid), I would be asked to cover the occasional shift should someone call in sick. At the time of Lana's arrival we had a few employees abruptly walk out leaving the facility short staffed, which meant I ended up covering a lot of said shifts.

The day of Lana's arrival I had just started a week of 7pm to 7am night shifts. On making my evening rounds I lightly tapped on Lana's door as I pushed it open and entered. Immediately I was hit with a sense of dread. Her room was significantly colder than the rest of the cottage, and very dark. Yes, this was evening time and I understand how daylight works, but this was a dark that both of her lamps struggled to penetrate, an unnatural seemingly thick darkness. It felt as if I were being watched from every corner of the room though no one was there.

Trying my best to act as if nothing was wrong, I introduced myself as I reached out to shake her hand. Looking up at me with soft brown eyes, the first thing that struck me was Lana was incredibly beautiful. Despite being in her early 80's her naturally black Filipino hair showed very little age and her skin remained soft, golden and youthful in appearance. Truthfully, I would have thought her 65 years old at the absolute most. We chatted briefly about things she may or may not need and I insured she was settled and content before making my exit.

Apart from being mildly restless and dealing with some pain and discomfort, Lana's first couple of nights with us went very well. However that would quickly change.

I came in on my third night to find Lana had fallen whilst attempting to get out of bed on her own, and was just returning from a check up at our local hospital. While she was being transported back to her room, she was very irritated, which wasn't like her at all. I took into consideration her ordeal and figured she would soon settle and things would get back to normal. They did not.

Most of that night involved me answering Lana's buzzer for various different reasons. She complained of pain, which was natural and expected, and I of course did everything I knew to make her more comfortable. However she also complained of noises in her room and loud talking preventing her from resting. I assured her there was no one talking as I was the only employee in the cottage at that time, and the other residents were long sleeping. Regarding the noises in her room, I heard nothing in the times I was in with her so offered up no explanation.

Lana's situation did not improve. Over my remaining shift that week she progressively declined to the point of refusing to eat, refusing to get out of bed for her therapy and becoming violent with the staff. She had struck two aids in the face and miraculously kicked a third using the leg with the injured hip.

I found myself spending more time in her room than with the other residents combined, as I tried to figure out what may be causing her such distress. In the brief moments she would sleep, it seemed as if she was having nightmares as she would call out, saying things in her native tongue which I did not understand. When I asked her about her dreams she would tell me she had never slept at all and was able to relay things I had been doing during that time, such as folding towels or preparing the medicine cart.

It was during one of my stents in her room that I first heard the noises she had complained of. At first I thought it may be coming from the adjoining room but dismissed that idea when the odd thumping and bangs from inside the walls traveled around the entire room as if to circle her bed. I was definitely set on edge, but tried to rationalize it could be a squirrel or possibly a raccoon causing the commotion.

I was granted three days off to recover from my week of nights and was happy for them. Upon my return to normal duties as an activities director, I learned that Lana's family had been called in over my days off as she was completely uncooperative and declining fast. Her son who lived locally decided to visit daily in an attempt to comfort his mother, but wasn't having much luck. He asked me if I could try and entice her out with the prospect of joining our knitting club as she loved to knit and had done so most of her life. I of course told him I would.

The moment I entered Lana's room the hair on my arms and neck stood up. It was positively frigid in there, and the atmosphere heavy and dark. There was an unseen presence in the room that filled me with the most intense fear I had ever felt in my life. The now frail woman was partially propped up in her bed and looked nothing like the woman I had left three days previous. Lana was, for lack of a better description, withered. Unbelievably thin and drooping over like a neglected house plant.

Her face was drawn and her lips chapped and cracking, the dried blood dots scattered over her mouth were the only real color left in her skin. I asked her son if she had been speaking and responding, to which he told me no. I understand with the elderly that it doesn't take long for them to slip away, but this was so much worse than I had anticipated. She looked as if something had sucked the life right from her body.

At that moment, two aids entered the room in order to change Lana's linens. Her son and I stepped aside to allow room for the women to complete their task. What happened next still to this day brings me to tears. No sooner had the aid's hand touched Lana's bed, the woman who just seconds before looked as if she were on death's door, bolted upright from her pillows, and with her eyes still closed grabbed the throat of the unsuspecting aid and began to strangle her.

The screams that then poured from Lana's lips were inhuman. The frail woman rose to her knees in an attempt to apply more pressure onto the neck of the horrified aid. The second aid and myself made our way towards Lana's hands while her son hooked his mother's waist with his arm. It took the three of us to pry the aid free from Lana's clutches. By this time, the head nurse and the owner of the facility had heard the commotion and made their way into the room.

We were all stunned. The tiny woman thrashed about so wildly in her bed that her hospital gown came loose revealing a shockingly thin body. I could see the outline of every bone that her skeleton was comprised of. Her tissue thin skin just hung there loose and lifeless. It was awful. Her son gasped at the sight of his mother's body before lowering his head and shielding his eyes with his hand.

The owner of the facility wrapped his arm over the shoulders of the aid who had been attacked and began to lead her out of the room. They had reached the door when the aid yelled out in pain. We turned to look and then watched as she began to shout and reach for her back. She was crying out that she was being stung, or bit, intimating she possibly had fire ants in her shirt. The bathroom was right next to Lana's room and I was directed to assist the aid, so we quickly ducked in there where I helped in the removal of her top.

There were no fire ants, but what was there were 4 long deep scratches running from her shoulders down to the small of her back. When she saw the scratches that had formed on her body, she...and without blame, promptly quit her job and left the facility. I would be lying to you at this point if I said I hadn't contemplated quitting myself.

Another shrill scream and loud crash brought my attention back to Lana. Poking my head into her room, I saw where her bedside lamp lay smashed on the floor. It was then she began to have some type of seizure. Lana jerked and contorted her body in a way that should have been impossible for a woman of her age. As she flailed around sometimes arching her back so high there appeared to be nothing left on the mattress to support her, a picture was knocked from the wall sending it smashing to the floor, as well as a couple of bottles of perfume from atop the dresser. Her son and the head nurse struggled to restrain the fragile looking woman. It was so bizarre to see the strength she possessed.

The remaining aid and myself were instructed to redirect the small crowd of concerned residents that had gathered outside of Lana's room. The head nurse, the facility's owner and her son stayed behind. A few more screams were heard before silence eventually fell.

When the trio finally exited some time later, I learned from the son that they were calling the family doctor in and then more than likely the rest of the children as it looked very bad for Lana.

Around 30 minutes before I was to go home, the family doctor confirmed our fears when he told Lana's son she hadn't very much time left at all. She had already stopped eating and drinking some days previous, and had basically began the process of wasting away. Her vitals were poor and he felt it appropriate the rest of her family be notified.

They kept Lana sedated, otherwise she would continue to scream and thrash about. All but one of her four children lived within a reasonable distance, so they timed their arrival for their out of state siblings flight in.

The doctor met with her children and explained to them their mother, for all intents and purpose should be dead, but she wasn't. He had no medical explanation for her seizures as we now called them, however he felt her newly gained strength was merely an adrenaline rush. None of us were entirely convinced of this. He did however feel she more than likely would be gone by the weeks end.

The children took shifts to see their mother was never alone. After 2 full days of this, our head nurse determined Lana's time on earth was very near over, so the priest was called in to read the woman her last rites.

Her children left the room to allow the priest to do his job as they felt prayer had always been a private matter. It was nearing evening and I stayed behind in order to help make the family more comfortable; serving them tea while they waited in the dining room for the priest to exit.

None of Lana's children cried, but rather looked more confused than sad. Their mother had come to this facility a few short weeks ago for routine rehabilitation, but ended up declining rapidly due to some unknown circumstance.

The priest spent quite some time with Lana before joining her children and myself in the dining room. He sat down and began to tell us how Lana had been speaking with him, and how they had a lovely conversation. Everyone was speechless as we listened to him. We all knew it should have been impossible for Lana to speak, she hadn't even been conscious for 48 hrs. He then went on to compliment her fluency in Latin, and told us of the wonderful memories she shared with him of her time spent in Rome.

Three of four children spoke simultaneously stating their mother didn't know Latin, while the the fourth child followed up saying her mother had never been to Rome. Unaware Lana had not come to us due to Alzheimer's, the priest basically took what they said in stride as he seemed willing to pass it off as an odd spell of dementia. He then thanked the family and excused himself.

Puzzled glances were shared as the head nurse entered the dining room preparing to check Lana's vitals. Just as she reached the failing woman's bedroom door, from the other side a wild and wicked bone chilling cackle exploded into the silent evening air. Just as quickly as the laughter came it had ended. The family and the nurse rushed in where Lana was found turned around in her bed with her head at the foot and her feet on her pillows. She was promptly pronounced dead.

Now, this is part that still 15 years later haunts my dreams. I was asked to assist the night aid and the head nurse in preparing Lana to be picked up by the funeral home. We removed her nightgown and began to sponge her down. When the nurse rolled Lana towards me, she gasped loudly as she thrust her hand over her mouth in horror. Protruding from Lana's rectum, was a crucifix. I kid you not.

That was my last night at that particular facility. The events that took place with Lana impacted me deeply as every word spoken is the truth. My son recently began his journey into the medical field, and I pray he never has to encounter anything like this.

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