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Lady on the Road - A True Story

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One night as I'm driving, traveling on this highway where no one else hardly ever travels late at night but, I.. Complete darkness, no moon out yet, the only light is from my vehicle. So, I'm anxious to get home, speeding since no one was on the road. 

I'm just half way between two small communities which, are about 60 miles apart. I'm listening to some classic rock, sippin coffee and I occasionally glance in my rear view mirror then to both sides. Just enjoying the freedom of the stretch of highway when, all of a sudden... I happen to see a figure up ahead.. The figure just so happened to be right in the middle of the lane I was traveling on. How I noticed in such pitch darkness was, just at the end of the headlights there was kinda like a glowing image, an image outlined of a person standing. 

I slowed down tremendously and at this point I'm squinting my eyes, slapped my right cheek and make sure I wasn't seeing things. As I neared, the image, the figure was more visible.. It was an old lady, a lady wearing a skirt with a long, long over coat. She had a scarf over her head, covering her hair.. But, I could still see partial of her grey hair flowing down past her shoulder. She's looking downward as if she were ignoring the fact I was driving towards her. 

By this time I'm at some distance to where she now was literally standing there, no illusions of any sort. I stopped and then noticed she was levitating, seemed like a foot or two off the ground... I didn't know if I should just stay parked, reverse and turn around or continue driving.. I turned the music down, reached to the glove compartment, grabbed my little medicine bundle and took out some bitter medicine, took some, then took my already rolled up tobacco and lite it.. Smoking it, saying a prayer and started chanting several protective songs.... 

A cold feeling over came, with chills up and down my spine.. Suddenly the feeling of not being alone struck me!.. I turned the music off, put the gear back in drive, slowly started excellerating.. I'm about 4 to 5 vehicle lengths away so, I'm gradually moving along in hopes the lady would disappear or move to the side. So, I'm getting closer and closer but, still she's not moving and now I could actually see right through her.. The light shinning through her, seeing the pavement through her, she was like a cloud, or a smoke yet with the perfect image clearly of a woman standing.. 

I then decided to just drive after seeing what I had just seen.. I put my foot down on the pedal and proceeded on.. But still she wouldn't move to the side or disappear but, rather she started floating towards me!! No hesitations, no second guessing I floored the pedal.. Closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes. She was like floating right through the vehicle, through the interior cab, once I knew she was floating through the cab, I felt really cold!! Goose bumps if you will.. I had completely drove right through her and I looked back in my rear view mirror, she was gone!.. 

Thoughts of stopping to check crossed my mind, my conscious was telling me to keep going but another part was telling me to stop and check... I then heard a voice... Telling me, leave, leave before something happens, you won't be safe if you stop.. My foot applied the pedal without my own body knowing.. I kinda went into a black out stage soon after and didn't realize or come to til I came to an intersection in the community I was going to....

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