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Someone Watching You Out in the Dark - A True Story

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A long time and many moons ago, way back in the 90's on the Hopi rez in Northeastern Az a strange and creepy WTF incident took place ??. This is a little background and story of that particular incident. I am merely telling the story cause it didn't happen to me but I can assure you that several very reliable sources have confirmed this incident is true and did actually happen. 


I'm not sure how many of you reading this are familiar with witchcraft and the practice of it in your area or rez? Among the Hopi, witchcraft has always been spoken about in hushed tones and whispers carefully among trusted family or friends. Say what you will about believing in it or not but it is prevalent in our area and doesn't require you to believe in it, it's just there. I am by no means an expert on the subject, I was just a rough and rowdy little rez kid that grew up hearing many of the same kind of stories many of you have heard...."It's those people or that family or that old creepy guy or lady. There is supposedly a cave or caves where they meet and shape shift and practice their dark arts. They walk among us undercover of the night, when we are sleeping, spreading their fear, hate, jealousy and discourse. Sometimes it brings bad luck, sickness or death. We all know the stories and the warnings of who and where to steer clear of but that really doesn't matter when it comes looking for you!

East of my village of Sungopavi, about eleven miles away sit three villages atop First mesa. The villages of Walpi,Sichomovi and Hano all sit very closely, tightly and precariously atop the high and very narrow mesa. One night, kinda late by Hopi standards, I guess after ten pm. Someone saw someone peering in thru their windows, they went to confront and investigate but the person or persons had run off. The same thing started happening at different homes among the three villages atop First mesa. Residents were hearing strange noises, dogs barking, voices, laughter and someone peering in windows. Men would run outside to investigate but the person or persons had run off. Inevitably someone called the cops to come and investigate, it's probably just some kids having a laugh and creating unwanted disturbances. 

The Hopi PD is nearby so the cops are there in a few minutes in true rez cop fashion, too many cops for a little job. The cops get out on foot to patrol and investigate the villages many dark corners,alleys and cliff edges. It isn't long before they spot a suspicious suspect and give chase, the suspect ran and then took to the roof tops. This person apparently gave the rez cops a run for their money, too much frybread I suppose? Eventually with numbers, they cornered the short in stature but very elusive suspect. This is where things take the WTF turn. The now caught but still resisting perpetrator is dressed entirely in traditional Hopi women's ceremonial clothing. 

The wardrobe consists of womens moccasins with the heavy leg wraps, a hand woven wool black dress, a heavy hand woven white sash and a large hand woven black,red and white cover robe. But there is more, when cuffed and no longer struggling to get away the cops are astonished to see that the suspect is wearing a sheep hip bone mask! Of course there is the ScoobyDoo moment  of truth when they remove the mask to find a little, grey haired, old lady! To my surprise, there is more to it, she is from my village and I know her, very well I might add! So apparently there is no witch jail so they took her ass to the regular Hopi PD jail, dressed like that. Could you imagine being the cop that had to transport her, most likely by himself.  

What was she doing, why was a little old lady so difficult to catch? How was she jumping from rooftop to rooftop? What were the cops thinking when the finally caught her and saw just exactly who they were dealing with? How do you tell your spouse about what happened at work today? Just imagine for a moment if you were one of those cops chasing that around and catching it!

 I have chosen not to use any names or go into finer detail about the lady with the hip bone mask, because she is very real and still alive and well. I also have family out home to consider. I have only my dogs,cedar,sweetgrass and a 9mm for protection here in Austin. 

I guess we never trully know what or who is out there.  What is that sound or creak in the night or that feeling that you are not alone when you think you are. Is it worse not knowing or knowing that someone or something could be watching you from out in the dark? 

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