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Ghost in Little Town - A True Experience

ghost town

Alright I'm going to tell you about this little town we live in ..It's a 110 miles round-trip to go grocery shopping.. We have a small store here but more for people driving through on the way somewhere ... This is high desert country big sky and allot or sagebrush.. We moved here 6 yrs ago. We bought 40 acres it had a single wide mobile home on it with out buildings. 

We stayed in our old fifth wheel at first. You see no one had lived on this place for 35yrs... Everything was run down the mobile had busted windows the celling was caved in because there was an addition added on to the trailer that collapsed and took part of the trailer roof with it. My husband gutted the whole trailer and fixed it up. People here are reallyfriendly but kinda hard to get to know.

I finally made friends with some. And found out that thares more strange stuff going on around here than just on our ranch. Some of the women here fight wild fires. Two different people told me about a wild fire here they fought and them and Blm seen a big foot caught up in the fire burning and screaming. They said it was up on steep ground and there was no way of getting to it. My husband has been a hunter and trapper his whole life and doesn't believe in ghost Sasquatch or UFO's.. Well he does now. He came home acting really strange .. quiet. 

He had worked all night doing security at a solar plant that was being built here. It took him two days to tell me what was bothering him. He said ... around 2am he seen lights in the sky above Camble mountain. He said they were big Amber colored balls of light . He got out of his truck..wat he them moving too fast to be conventional air craft he knew of they moved at impossible angles and speed. He watched them until they stopped near the top of Cambel mountain and a bunch of stuff came out of the bottom of them was blue he said it came out in long streams that resembled melting plastic. 

They took off at a very high rate of speed and were gone in a blink of an eye. I posted the outher day about seeing balls of bright light some blue purple orange red.They moved with purpose and intent. I will post again and tell you about what my neighbors have seen...and outher things I have seen in a few days.


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