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The House Near the Cemetery - OMG They are Not Alive !

ghost cemetery

I've been reading several stories on here about a very tall black figure. I don't live on a Rez, the closet one has Riverton, Wy. on it which is 2 hours away driving. But I wanted to share this with you all since it's so similar. I've written before, but as a reminder, myself and my daughters can see, hear, feel spirit. My husband cannot. 

My backyard is about 10 feet away from the city cemetery which was well over 4,000 graves. I have seen a black figure at night on several occasions. It is about 8-10 feet tall in a black robe with no face and it seems to glide very fast. One night, my husband and I were in our backyard and he looks down in the cemetery and asks if I see the elk running. He couldn't believe there was an elk in town. I looked down and there was a black figure as large an an elk running on all fours. Then, it stood up on two legs and started moving towards us. 

My husband could not believe it and dismissed it as shadows. I told him we should go inside and we did. Later that night my dogs started growling towards our kitchen. My daughter and I got up and looked around the corner into our kitchen towards the back door. Standing there was a inky black figure so tall that it was hunched over at the ceiling. 

It had a really long neck that connected to a long shaped head with no face. It's arms and fingers were long and thin like tree branches. The rest of it seems to be covered in a cloak or robe. I screamed at it to Get Out in the name of Jesus! My two dogs were growling standing in front of us but as I yelled out they lunged forward towards it and it disappeared. I smudged, prayed, lit candles, and sprinkled salt and black salt on the window sills and doorways. 

We have seen in several more times down in the cemetery but never in our house again. Sometimes, at night when I sleep with the window open, I can hear someone walking through our yard but there is no gate and a six foot fence with only one section of it being chainlink that you can see the cemetery through. I can feel that whatever is walking out there is not alive. I don't know what it is but it is not human or never was.

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