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Most Scariest Experience In My Life - A True Story

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When I was 15 I use to walk everywhere just to pass the weekend.  Usually pick up basketball or baseball games were in order. I was always told to get home before it gets dark. Which I always did except for that one May evening. I got caught up telling jokes and having a bunch of laughs with my friends. Telling myself everyone has their porch light on so I shouldn't worry. Plus dogs so I wasn't afraid to walk in the dark. I hit the road my home being a mile away. 

Most of the areas were dark because houses were a little far apart. Plus there were a lot of shrubs and trees in between where it was dark. I'm just walking along till I hit the first dark spot, then I hear footsteps in the woods. Thinking it will stop when I get to a lighted area and it did. I hit another dark spot, I hear footsteps again. It keeps doing the same thing over and over again. I remember my dad telling me if it's supernatural or something else don't be scared. If you're scared you give it power over you to scare you to death. I get closer to home. 

It's really dark because of tall pines and old tree. The old trees made their moaning sounds that were making me hard for me to control my fear. Then I look to my right. It's like this tall thing just appeared out of nowhere. Red eyes that looked like burning coals. Just standing there in the woods.  By then I've already lost it. I started to run. That thing is coming behind me. I start yelling and screaming something is chasing me. I didn't see a neighbor that lives next door to us. 

He's getting closer because of the gravel he's running on is getting close. I'm close to my mom and dad's house. I see the driveway.  I'm terrified by then. I'm not slowing down or stopping.  If I fall down he'll get me. I take a left into the yard. I hear gravel like someone sliding on it. I get to the porch knocking on the door for whoever's to unlock it. I get in, they see me in hysterics. I tell them what I saw and what chased me. My dad is furious.  Not about what chased me but why am I so late getting home. Then what he says scares me. He said those things have been around longer than we have. We're on their property. 

All this use to belong to them. You'll be ok. Lay down on the couch go to sleep. Woke up with a bag for me to carry around. Plus they poured hot peppers and salt around my room. But he also said the whole family has seen it already.  You're the last one

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