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Native Vision Camp Ghost (Wind River, Wyoming) - A True Story

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Being from Zuni, New Mexico there are so many haunted places in my rez, and have witnessed some things that would freak the soul out of you. But since I've been reading a lot of stories from the Wind River Rez. I thought I share this with you readers. This happened back in 1999 (I think?) I was part of the Zuni High School football team, and ten of us players were going to take part of a sports camp held in Wind River, Wyoming called "Natvie Vision." So we took the long drive up to Wyoming with a school bus. 

The trip was fun being rez kids we were excited to go. It took us two days to get there, and when got there we where first ones. The camp grounds was at some school, with a old chruch. I think it was called St. Stephan or something like that? But I heard it was an old Indian school. Well we had to stay in Teepees which was cool, cause none of us ever slept in one of those. The first night we got settle in and it was just us guys. Until we heard some kids playing by the chruch. We just heard echos, and thought someone playing basketball. Us being rez kids, some of us walk to the middle area were the sounds were coming from. 

It was towards the evening and sort of dark as we got closer to the sounds we saw a little kid running after a ball at least 50 ft in front. One of my bros said "Hey" and waved at the kid. But the kid just looked at us and run back behind the building. Just then the sounds stopped, and it became dead quite. Too quite. So we all continued to see, and when we got to the basketall courts there was no one. We all looked at each other weird, but we all didn't think nothing of it so we just brush it off and went back to our teepee. All of us agreed those might have been ghost kids. But that didn't stop us from enjoying our camp.

As we got back to the camp grounds some more native schools started to pull in. The camp lasted for three days. And we made friends with the locals. They were amazed we spoke in our native tongue, and was cool with all of us. I remember some of the locals got mad at us because we were playing around and mispronouncing "Ft. Waskie". We were saying wakashe which means cow in Zuni. But as the last day came we all said our goodbyes to our new friends. On that day everybody left at once and the teepees were coming down, but a few. Since we lived far they let us spent one more night at the camp grounds, we took the two teepees that were left for us and settle in one more time. But this night was different than the first night. 

With all the teepees gone the camp area was just one huge fleid, and a line of trees surround the area. As night fell we parked our bus next to the teepee and were killing time wondering the school. I know right? but we didn't think nothing of it. Me and my bro were chilling by the school just listening to the river that just flow by. We were talking, and then we heard someone or something scream. We froze for awhile, just then the others heard the samething, and walked over to us. "Did you guys hear that?" We said yeah and as we all were talking we heard the scream again, but this time it sounded like a woman crying. 

We all run back to the teepee and told our coach what we heard. He told us to stay around the teepee. So we did all of us were getting ready for bed and all of us were telling our stories about the camp. We were all laughing having a good time then we heard the scream again, but this time it was more then one. It got quite so all of us stepped out to look around. As we did we saw a white figure standing in the middle of the fleid "Oh Shit Look" one of us said just than it looked as it begin to run towards us. We did not run cause we were all froze. 

But as it got closer it vinished. We all freaked out and run in the teepee. All of us were freaked out. So our coach looked out we all followed behind. We look were the figure was but nothing. As we all turned around we saw the white figure standing by a tree. Our coach sort of freaked out, but told us to be strong and ignore it. So we all went back in the teepee. We sit in the teepee holding our arrowheads (Arrowhead in our beliefs protect us from bad beings) Just than we heard a big bang on our bus. The door on the bus begin to open and close like if someone was in the bus. All of us got fed up and looked around. As we all got out the noise stopped. 

We all looked around the bus in and out the bus door was wide open. As we looked on the other we heard something under the bus. We flashed the light under the bus. Than all of a sudden a big black dog run out under the bus. As it run toward the river it made a weird sound like a human laugh. By time we were all sitting back in the teepee trying to forget it. Our coach said were not here alone someone or something followed us from home. 

All of us couldn't not sleep. We sit in there whispering to each other, as we heard tipping on the bus windows. We just ignored it and again we heard the crys. This went on the whole night. We just ignored it. As we all slowly started to go to sleep, we were once again woken up by the sounds of kids playing. In my mind thought those are just spirits and they can't harm me. 

As the sun rose we all made a offering of food and cornmeal we looked around the teepee and the bus. the windows on the bus had small hand prints on the door and the back winndows. Seeing this my back hairs stood. And we begin our long trip back to Zuni. This is what I mostly remember about our camping trip in Wind River, Wyoming.

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