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The Demon of Grand Canyon - A True Story

ghost of grand canyon

Reading some stories on here are not really scary to me because I have seen and heard things myself. I hate watching scary movies but to think about it, I'm glad I never had the nerve to approach the things I've came across. Here is one story I would like to share: so I live on top of the Grand Canyon, west side. Big reservation but small town. 

I went with my friend and her boyfriend into the canyon, it's about 25 miles from are town. Well are tribal police were looking for my friend so that's what r reason for taking off down there. We hitched a ride with a tourist couple and they stayed with us down there for a few hours and left. We stayed and went up to the other side of the beach. We put are stuff under a big tree, where we were gonna sleep. As it got dark my friends boyfriend told us to go look around for wood to keep the fire going. So we went back to the other side where the road enters. 

There was two ramadas (one by the beach, the other one by the road n a stream) we went to the one by the beach n looked around. I remember looking up towards the other remade and seen a tall black figure guy. I told my friend to look and asked her if that was real. We looked at it n I yelled, who are you. I seen it move a little. I grabbed my friends arm and said lets go back cuz I don't wanna go over that way. As we turned around to walk away we still looked over are shoulders to see it. 

As we got into the trees it took off running after us. It's legs were really long, looked like it was wearing a hat and trench coat. The legs were wired cuz looked like his knees were bent backwards. I freaked out and was running as fast as I could, my heart was beating really fast. Before we got to were we were gonna sleep at. My feet got stuck in the roots of the trees by the water. I was crying and when I looked back it was coming down the sand hill. My friends boyfriend came and pulled my feet out and we ran around the corner to where we were gonna be staying. 

Her boyfriend asked us wtf was that and we didn't know. That whole night we took turns staying up n we stayed right by each other. I mean we layed together. I never forgot that night, I love going to the river to swim but I will never camp down there again. A year ago I was in jail and was talking to some girls about this and this chick told me that there was a book about that guy. Steven King wrote that book. I got it and read it. 

But it was about a boy who actually was talking to it and it tried to eat him. He called it a demon. It had sharp teeth, long sharp nails, his breath was as if his body was full of fire. After reading it I was glad it didn't get me or even seeing it face to face

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