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Daemons are Real - Do You Believe My Story?



I will say this: ..demons are real.whether you believe me or not. I could care less if guy boy dont.

My story began when I was just a lil child. In the early 70s I was the baby boy as i had three older sisters and dad was a army veteran and got a job driving cabs and mom works odds and end jobs to raise us children. It was our native family that always ended up in humongous three storied 20 room houses with hallways that went or took you to heaven and hell...depended on which way you went. I was a kid. 

I remember in 1973 dad was working and mom was too and my sisters were out playing leaving my lil ass upstairs all by myself... I was scared to death and...up in the attic. I actually heard my youngest sister call my name from the attic and...that's where I took off to., when I got there.. and went in...the door slammed shut and locked itself as I screamed for momma and dad and all my sisters as no one was in the attic but my lil butterball looking ass... imagine that.., A fat whopsided Indian boy in a old white man's house that dad got for us and left all alone. 

I was stuck in a attic with no one there that called my name using my baby sisters voice and I go in and ..whaaaamm..the door closes and I damn near shit my pants and looking for kathy... but... No kathy at all.

Whatever it was growled to my left side in one of the darkest corners and shoved me so hard that I fell over a mannequin with no freakn head on legs either.. so you can only imagine my response. I wrapped up in a a red sheet and hid as something poked me or clawed my lil ass and that's when my super powers kick in. It was now or never to get brave with whatever was there. Then I became super hero. Time to get brave.

So I took off towards the dark corner and praying at the same time as I hit glass and went through the window on the second floor tumbled down the roof over hang and then...all air baby... all air. No bottom until I hit momma coming up the front door steps in her basket..

All she could say was " what in the hell are you doing playing like SUPER-MAN.??"..

I tried to tell her..I was playing, trying to tell her something was in the attic calling my name and I went in and the door slammed and I was scared.

All mom.said was .."I'm fixna bust your lil brown ass"...

I was torn all to pieces by momma. I wont forget the ghost that got me in a world of shit with mom.

The next day I was in school and did my work and played and had fun and I got called to the principles office and got the bad news that mom was up stairs in the attic and somehow shoved through the window I went through and rolled off the roof overhang and fell and hit the concrete below broke her neck and left arm and legs. I remember that day.

My world died and I missed momma. We went to the funeral and I cried and cried as my sisters and dad did too. The graveyard where mom was buried was a spooky graveyard close to the catholic church.

I wanted my mom back so bad. I loved her. That house took her life. I and my sisters were raised by daddy.. we ended up moving from that evil place.

Years later after i graduated from school..I joined the Army and was trained at Fort Polk Louisiana. I was in training when I met a guy from that old town where the house was at that took mom's life. His family moved in that old house mansion. He told me that the same thing happened to his family that was there and the voice called his name. I shit my pants. He was witness to whatever it was in that house. We completed basic training in 1988

We both talked about that house..he later told me that teo different families died in that house from mysterious circumstances. He said that it was built over a graveyard in the early 1930s. Over the years after the army we became great friends and talked each other into going back to visit that place and one weekend we both took off and went to Hattiesburg Mississippi to go to that house.. 

We were within 4 blocks when the black smoke started rising in the distance as we approached we noticed fire trucks in the street with police... the house was burning down as we watched and got out. We neither one could believe it.

Whatever it was just burnt the house down before we got there. 1989..

That old house mansion was haunted and took lives. Almost like the Amityville Horror

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