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The Ghost Cat

Hello again. This is a long story but I hope you enjoy the truth about it. I used to live out on the Navajo Rez on the Mesa in Mariano Lake. My boyfriend and I were living in a small camper right outside of the hogan he was building. We had a big female dog that we had she was our alarm system. She had a litter of pups and my boyfriend and I picked out two pups to keep, so we had three dogs. 

One day this woman drove up in a black car, she asked for my bf, i invited her in the hogan. She sat down, and I offered her a drink, and her son was hungry so I made him a sandwich. Then out of the blue she asked me in a bitch tone, "what are you doing here?" My boyfriend got upset and said to her, "you don't talk to my wife like that!" She got mad and left. I thought that was weird. Then my bf's mom, calls and asks what that woman was doing at the hogan, she lives down the road so she sees all, lol. I related the visit to her and she said do not let that woman back around, be careful. 

I had a lot of questions but didn't bother to inquire anything more about her. So.. A few nights later we seen a light, like as if someone was walking with a flash light towards the hogan on the dirt path. The dogs didn't even bark we just sat on the stoop and watched it get closer, waiting to see who it was. All the while the light bobbing, then all of a sudden it disappeared! My bf and I were looking at each other like wth? So we closed up the hogan and went into the camper, to sleep. 

About ten minutes later, my bf jumps off the bed saying what the f#%*? And he has a cat in his hand! He had it by the scruff, and threw it out the door! I was dumbfounded thinking where the heck did that cat come from and how did I not feel it crawling up his leg, under the blanket, since he was laying right next to me. We were told that the woman visitor "sent" it because she wanted my man! We were also advised that the woman was not going to give up trying to get my man and the next time that cat comes around, because it did, catch it and kill it! That way she will leave him alone. 

Whatever dark medicine she used worked, my bf lost his mind and I ended up leaving him. Thinking about that still creeps me out.

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