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Angels are Real - You Must read This !


My name is Clee... I grew up near Philadelphia Pa...  My mother's name is Louise Parker. ..she was  a Country Western singer...and traveled around in a bus with her band.. My mom was adopted by the Cherokee...and called herself Little Fawn the Singing Cherokee ... this was during the 1960 s. And 1970s.  She is from Delaware. We are Blackfoot and Iroquois by birth.  My father was a German Jew. He frightened my mother and threatened to kill me.

The Freemasons took me away when I was three days old.... they locked my mothervin a hospital wasr for a year so she could not get me my Rez was as a prisoner in their home

 They wanted me so they could adopt a son... they were unable to adopt their first child legally because their thinking was so twisted.

They got their son when I turned 4...  he would have night terrors and run around the house screaming.

There were all kinds of spirits there. They would come through the walls and scare me at night when I was a small  child.

But the LIVING ones were the most dangerous.

 The freemasons who took me were doctors...lawyers...judges..and politicians. There was no  escaping them.

But the Ancestors ALWAYS protected me... and gave me love.

This is a good story tho.

Once I was selling flowers by the roadside at night.  It was an intersection of a highway leading to a bridge leading out of the city. A good place to sell flowers to people on their way home.

I got stuck tho...on the yellow line...when the light changed.  I saw headlights in the distance .. Suddenly the lights flipped to high beams and the car started speeding up. I then realized it was coming rite for me. My brain started calculating so fast... like a computer...there was no where to go!

The car came charging rite at me... 

Just as it touched me I tried to jump!!

Something lifted me up and carried me over the car...across two lanes...and put me down safely in the parking lot of the hot dog stand beside the road!

A man screeched into the lot...jumped out of his car...and came to help me.  His eyes were round with amazement.

He told me he saw me float thru the air!!

I was unharmed... and the car was gone.

Only my shoe was left on the road.

True Story. I hope my telling it let's you know

Angels are REAL.  and they LOVE us.

Love Peace and Blessings.

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