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The Unbelievable Dream - A True Story

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Have you ever had a Dream About Somebody who has Past Away and took you to places such as this..or any other Interesting place one that was hard to describe.....Years back ago ...I had My Brothers girlfriend who lived with me. Well they were kinda having Problems but off and on she'll go visit my brother ....So one day she left Sayed I'll be back soon I Sayed okay ...she came back in the Afternoon which I didn't know I heard a door knock and i thought I was just hearing things. 

So I told my boyfriend did anybody knock on the door he said I didn't hear anything I had went to the front kitchen door there wasnt anybody I went to the back door nobody so I walked out the door saw my sister n law walking down the road I tried calling her she didn't hear I figured she'll be back. Night came and it was late I Sayed to myself maybe she went to my brothers? Next day came I got a phone call my sister said there was an accident and she didn't know if it was my sis n law that was in the accident she had called me back said it was her that she didn't make it ..

I started crying I felt weak and I just was so hurt I was thinking my brother ...oh nos...and he found out my family was around him I couldn't be around my brother I didn't wanna see him like that ??. The next day came I saw him and hugged him and I had all her stuff at my house I had to get it ready for her family to pick it up. And that night I had this dream. ...I was walking and saw all these People in this one place ..a place I never saw look beautiful like Colorado with lots trees and there were couple of buildings I was walking I saw my sis n law ...

I called her name she came up to me and Sayed what are you doing here I told her I don't know ...she told the people she as hanging out with she will be right back ...that place she was hanging out lool kinda like a city she told me let's go for a walk and I told her okay ....we walked on this dirt trail..she took me to this place where I can see a Valley pass these clouds up on this Mountain top we we're at ..I asked her what's this place she said  this is where we come where we cross over but some of us have to wait her for awhile for some of us it's sooner ...I told her okay....and she said there's been people here that's been waiting for a very very longtime ..but when they come to get us that's when we go ..

I don't know who she meant by they ..she told me to look from my far right I did..and I saw these people going up a mountain like there was a walkway around the mountain like a spiral form...I heard chanting and saw a long line of people walking 2 men n white in front of them and 2 men in Black behind them....I told her who are they where are they going? 

She said there going to go see the Holy People there on there way. I watched them and was jus standing there ...and it was in a place like this in the Picture ...there was no bridge she told me it was invisible but they could only cross when they come to get she told me let's again I asked her so what's this place she said sister this is called Purgatory. And she walked wit me to the end of this trail of a dirt road and stopped she told me she can't walk to further that there's a boundary she stops from here for me to keep walking and I'll be okay ....and she said I need you to do something for me...

I said okay tell me ..she said "tell your brother I love him I will always love him and I'm sorry I left him so suddenly tell him okay and not to cry anymore ..I saw him the other night crying for me and tell him I was sitting right next to him I was there with him and this will probably be the lastime you will see me to if you don't dream about me anymore I crossed over " I told her okay... I walked off looked back and clouds came out of nowhere and she was gone ...

I woke up from The dream ..I kinda cryed was good to see her she was healthy and still looked the same...and that next day I saw my brother n went to visit him and told him I need to talk to you ..I have a message for you have Sayed what I had told him ..he freaked out and was surprised he said Sis I was crying a few nights ago in my room..

I told him she was there with you bro ? I Love you and Miss you Cheetos ?MT?. If you all were to Ever have a Dream like this and you have your Comfort for that certain Minimum time with them ..Cherish it ..if they need u to talk to them talk to them and make some closure and Peace with them .. help there Spirit guide them there way by having a Open Heart of Love ..because when there alive u don't know when it's there time to go ????

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