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Another Creepy Memory from My Childhood - A True Story

creepy story

This happened when I was maybe 7 ... back in the 80's. 

During this time we lived in a brick house that was divided in two large rooms. We lived close to two mesas one was Black Mesa out in Red Lake/Tonalea AZ. This was maybe 30 to 40 miles east of Tuba City, AZ. 

After my Grandma and Aunts and Uncle moved away, it was just us there. 

Our neighbor was an old man, who was really creepy! We had to walk past his house to get to the bus stop. His house sat maybe 50 yards from the road. Sometimes we could see him looking out the window. He had a swing set in front of his house, but never seen any kids over there. His dog was scary, it was a black bushy dog. It would not bark or anything, just kind of walked back and forth near the house, like what a bull would do just before charging. We would just hurry past his house. 

Even his Navajo name was scary. 

On weekends our parents would take us on hikes up the mesas, or sometimes it would just be us kids that went. Pack crackers, Vienna sausages and water. My brother use to take his Rambo knife he got at Big tree in Flagstaff and his bb gun that looked like a machine gun. And we always felt like that was all we needed to protect us. So one day we went, just myself, my older brother and my younger sister. He was maybe 9 and my sister was 5. 

We would hike up, play around up there. Climb the trees, carve rocks, even brought out little chidis and built cities with dirt roads. 

And this man, our neighbor. We would sometimes see him scurrying along up the side of the mesa. Us kids use to say to our mom that man is scary and she knew how he acted. She would always just say, don't bother him, don't talk to him, don't talk about him. 

We noticed, he did this often. Then later we would see him walking back. 

So, this one time just us kids went for our little adventure. Packed our usual things. We were playing at the top and it started to sprinkle. So, my brother decided it was time to head home. We started to go, then my brother called us over to a huge boulder that sat there leaning against a huge flat rock laying down. We stood on top of the flat rock and looked down. In the crevice of the two rocks we could see blankets and a pillow. And what looked like clothes rolled up. We said, someone must stay here. Then we all thought yeeee the old man!!! That scared us. We hurried home. Got home and told our mom. She kept asking us if we went down in there or if we touched anything? Or if he even saw Us? We said no! We were all too scared! 

Sometime after, we went up there with our parents. We showed them where it was. My dad told us to never return to that spot. That it was probably a place of bad spirits and bad things happen take place there. He told us, as a child he and his brothers would come upon things like this in the mesas of Coalmine. And his mom would say evil people would do evil things there. He made it clear we were to never go there again. And not to speak of that old man, there was something bad about him and he knows and hears when he's being talked about. So we left. 

For a while we didn't hike up there, but would still see that old man walking up that way. 

We had to find other places to play. Not too long after. We moved. Our family got relocated. Don't know what happened to that old man. 

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