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The Ghost Man in Big Blue Two Story House

ghost house

I distinctively remember a time on the Wind River Res at a Village called Mill Creek Housing my Father moved us in this big blue 2 story house with his Wife and her daughter, Plus myself and my siblings. Well I never knew the house was spooky or haunted but one night I got in trouble for talking back to my step mother she sent me downstairs to my step sister's room she said " Stay in here til I say you can come back up!!" She was mean to us kid's. 

Anyway she said to me "Hope he don't chase you out of here like he did Tina!" (my step sister) anyway I laid on her bed it was dark and I started crying for my Mama wishing I was back in Oklahoma. Well the only light was from the window and the window is high up on the wall if you opened it you could easily feel the ground with your hand as soon as you stuck it out, anyway she had a dresser with a big mirror I was still crying and I kept looking at the mirror and I saw 2 legs appear, just standing there by the window. I thought it was one of my siblings coming to help me escape from that dark room until I seen it kneel down and it was a man. 

He knelt down and looked in the window for a long time and he tapped the window with his finger and I said "What!" He just kept tapping then I heard the kids all running around upstairs and i started crying more cause I wanted to be up there with them. All of a sudden I was froze I couldn't move or scream for help. Paralyzed.  Then I hear our dog's growling, growling so bad that the man stood up and looked like it lifted straight up or something because all I saw was his legs shoot up in the air and disappear. I finally got up and ran upstairs and ran in my Dad's bedroom and jumped on his lap and told him what happened and my Step mom started laughing said "I told you, thats why Tina don't like staying in her room because she sees the same thing." 

My father was mad at her for scaring me and he went downstairs to look for himself of course nothing was there but he heard the dog's barking still so he went outside and saw them chasing something off into the darkness. That Res was just too spooky for us. Other occurrences happened every since that night but he got myself and my siblings away from there.

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