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How a Devil Attacked Me - A True Story


When I was a teenager, I grew up in a small town called Lac Ste Anne. The history of this lake is interesting because some Native Americans called it: God’s lake; others called it: Lake of the spirit, and even others called it: Devil's Lake. It was believed that something evil lurked beneath the water's surface.(which, btw, I also have a story for!) But, in the 1800’s, when the catholic missionary’s came, they renamed the lake “Lac Ste Anne”. A more holy name. 

It has also been told that Sioux ancestors heard singing coming from the lake and understood it to be a message from God telling them about the water's healing powers.(quoted from online research) 

It is now known for it’s healing waters and has become one of the largest pilgrimages in Western Canada. 

As you can already see, many spiritual things have occurred here from the beginning of time. 

As time has passed, the town has become sort of a summer resort, where a lot of people come in the summer to drink and party and that included me! 

So, when I was around 19 yo, I had been partying and drinking a lot. 

One night, I was out with my friends. We were partying and had been drinking and we were pretty drunk. The next thing I knew, I was behind the wheel of my friends car and we were driving around town drunk. I’m not sure how long that went on for, but I soon realized that I shouldn’t be driving around drunk. So, I told my friends: 

“Look, I’m  driving myself home, and I’m going to sleep and you guys are on your own.” 

And so, that’s what I did. It was probably around 2-3 am by the time my head hit the pillow. And I passed out fast. I had only slept an hour, and suddenly, I woke up. 

*Side note: 

at the time, my mattress was on the floor, against the wall, and above was my window. My window faces the front of the yard and there’s a long sidewalk that runs along from the front of the yard, all the way up the side of the house, to the back of the yard. On the side of the house is the wall of my parents bedroom. I share a wall with my parents,(inside the house). So basically, two walls separated me from the sidewalk on the side of the house. 

(I hope this makes sense ??).*

So, around 4-5 am, I awoke suddenly and as soon as my eyes opened I heard what sounded like very loud cowboy boots running very very fast, up the the sidewalk, from the front of the yard all the way up the side of the house, continuing down the side walk, where my parents slept). But, I knew it wasn’t cowboy boots! I knew it was the hoofs of the devil! I knew it was the devil because I was scared. I was petrified. I was so stiff in my bed, that the only thing that was moving on my body, were my two eyeballs! ?? My breathing was shallow because I was scared to breath because I thought that the devil would hear me breathing. And the sound of those cowboy boots running up the sidewalk were so loud, I could hear them between two walls, inside the house, that separated me from them! The cowboy boot sound and the fast pace, was otherworldly. 

So, as I laid there stiffly, I said to myself should I look outside? My logical mind wanted an explanation that my spirit already knew was pure evil. I knew not to look outside. And, even if I had the nerve, my body was rooted to my mattress from pure fear! I wasn’t getting up for nothing! I knew, if I looked out, I was going to see something very scary! So I laid in my bed, stiff as a board, only my eyeballs looking around. And like I said, I was breathing very shallow, because I swear I thought the devil was going to hear me, and look for me and find me! 

The devil followed me home that night because I was drinking. Because I was drunk driving. 

I laid there, in my bed, for a while. It seemed like forever but, in reality, only 10 minutes went by. I finally started to calm down. The fear started to leave me. So, I shifted in my bed and rolled to my side with my back facing the wall with the window, and “BANG”??Something hit the bottom of my wall where I was laying! Where my back was! So damn loud and hard. My last warning I guess ??. Again, an otherworldly bang, from another world for sure! I was so scared and in fear that I never drank again after this for a long time! 

I knew God was trying to wake me up. See, my mom has a strong faith in God. Prays a lot. So that devil couldn’t enter our home to torment me! But he found another way,  and accomplished his goal, because he truly tormented me. 

Drinking is evil. It opens doors for the devil

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