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Evil of Native People

native people

I have always believed that Native People are the warriors who have the Medicine behind them to fight evil. So when the power of Alcohol and Drugs come into play it makes perfect sense that doorways to this darkness is unleashed in an attempt to destroy the warriors of the people.

I can't even remember when Eddy and I became friends only that we had hit it off immediately. I watched her baby and she watched mine, we shared cloths, stories, laughter, secrets and all the funnies of having a best friend whom I viewed as a Sister more so then a friend. We could sit all day on my bed and talk about just anything, however, at times I could look at her and sense that deep inside her was a loneliness she could share with nobody. 

She had opened up to me and said that she and her boyfriend were having problems and that he wanted to leave her, though she never said why. I would encourage her that things would get better. They did not seem to get better from my point of view and it seemed she wanted to spend more and more time with myself and my family. I tried to talk to her and yet it seemed that although we supposedly had no secrets that there was something bothering her. 

One day she said to me "I wish my life were as simple as yours". I took that completely in the wrong way and told her so. In fact she did not mean I was Simple but my lifestyle was simple. Before I figured that part out we argued and I was angry, That's when The Secret was put on the table. She had been addicted to Meth and not only was using it but was shooting it into her veins. 

Her boyfriend was an Alcoholic and he wanted to leave her because of her drug use. Tales of crazy incidents where guns had been pulled, people getting beat, and intense paranoia about people following her surfaced. Heck I didn't know if they were true, I'm not one to look around myself and analyze my surroundings. But, as I put two nd two together it made more sense. 

Now the bad part begins, She asked me what I thought about her introducing her boyfriend to Meth and shooting up. NO! I told her why would you do that to him? She said he kept asking her to so he could experience what she was feeling as well. So, one night she did shoot him up and what she said was a strange presence entered their room and that they could both see shadows of figures moving across the walls. 

Afterward my friend changed before my eyes, she developed blackened bags under her eyes and seldom went out anymore (her Mom had her Child during these bad times). Her home looked like a darkened black hole, it was horrible and not cheery as it had been before. Within my own home a strange presence was apparent and my cat hated whatever was there. 

My cousin lived in the next building from Eddy, and she even said something was not right. Not soon after I felt sick in the pit of my stomach and went to bed early. About 3am my phone rang and it was my cousin, she said "Our brother is gone, his heart stopped 3 times and the last time they let him go" my heart broke into pieces and I sadly walked to my friends door early the next morning as they were friends too. I knocked around 6am and as the door opened I looked at her face, it was as white as a sheet. She had candles burning and she was shaking. 

I asked what was wrong thinking maybe she already knew my Cousin Brother had passed, but instead she said "It came after us last night and it was so Big and Ugly and its breath smelled" she couldn't get the words out she said none described it. She said she and her boyfriend prayed all night and that early in the Morning it finally left without there souls. 

I broke down and cried and said well it must have taken someone because J**** is gone. I said "I warned you not to mess with drugs and to not to get your BF hooked on it" I looked around and saw their Bibles and crosses scattered on the floor and bed. It looked like a battle was fought in that apt. I don't know what happened to Eddy we didn't talk much after that. My simple self went the other way and now I'm happy for the simplicity my life has to offer.

I pray so much and so many times a day for all my Native Brothers and Sisters to beat the Evil of Alcohol and addiction. I say to my Native Patients who come in sick "Hey you, we need Our Warriors lets heal now ok?' We all know what is good in our hearts and sometimes Good Beautiful People make mistakes too. I have faith you can do it Cheryle Bellerose you got someone on your side here.

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