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Old House - True Story

I remember when my Aunty moved into a house. It was an old house and very old. It was bought from an old Chinese lady. They still have this mirrors placed on the door and they call it bagua which scared the hell out of me. I sleep with her for 2 months because my parents were working.

Every night I sleep there I will always hear footsteps coming from down stairs. I would also get sleep paralysis which was the first time I experienced it. I have this vanity in that room and it always felt weird when I'm looking at it. The doors are always locked but one night it opened and a shadow figure came very fast in my room. There was one time I needed to go to the bathroom at the middle of the night and while peeing I heard a bang and right from the dark I saw a figure. 

The only lights open was the bathroom. Things were always misplaced and we don't know why. It always felt like someone was watching me. I was so scared I had to go back home. And then after years I found out someone committed suicide there and there's this balcony outside my room and they said the boy always appears there right where my room is!!! My sister even told me she saw someone standing there when going inside. Until this day my sister is scared to look at that house. Thank God my Aunty moved with us.

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