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Grandfather's Tombstone - True Story

My ex husband was serving time in prison and we were not yet married. During his eight month sentence I stayed with his parents. The year was 1994 and I recall that the local cemetery had been vandalized, and his grandfather's tombstone was 1 among the many desecrated tombstones that day. It seemed as though around the time that the family had brought the busted headstone to the house to be repaired, the visits began. They never did fix it and there it sat in the basement of this house from 1994 until 2006. I will warn you though, that this story is a little lengthy & for that I do apologize. 

If you were to have talked with someone that spent any time in the house back then they would have had their own story to share. However I feel none had one as intense as mine. It was late one night, during the school week and another teen ager that was living there and i had been hanging out . They had to go to bed for school in the morning and as they exited my room they turned out the light.

 I became suddenly aware that I was alone and sitting in this big empty dark room, when my attention was grabbed by a heavy thud at the other end of my room. Naturally my eyes searched the dark for a logical source to the sound I had heard, when my eyes came upon a shadowy figure just standing in the only source of light on the other end of the room that was cast from the moon light. I sat there in my bed frozen with fear staring at this thing, trying to figure out what my best course of action would be at this point. I couldn't see a face or anything like that but I could tell it was starting at me just by it's position. 

I had the idea that if I were to just ignore it and pretend to be asleep, it would lose interest and leave. So I slid beneath the blankets with my back turned towards this being. That's when I heard it scurry across the bedroom floor towards the side of the bed where I was laying. I felt my heart sink that moment, I was terrified! I decided to stick with my plan of action and started in with making snoring sounds, still convinced that if it truly though that I was sleeping, it would go away. This was not the case! I sort of gave the blankets another tug and shifted myself a bit to mimic someone who was sleeping. 

I then heard it move to the foot of the bed. I was so scared and I thought my heart was going to burst because of how fast it was beating. I continued on with my whole sleeping act, when I felt the bed beside me sink in as if someone had climbed into bed with me. Eventually I fell asleep that night. When I awoke the following day I was reminded of the visitor I had the previous night. I was dreading having to spend another night in that room and possibly having another encounter. Fortunately that day another girl that was staying there, came to me and asked if she could stay in my room with me. 

I remember feeling relief when she came to stay with me. I felt that I should tell her about the incident that took place the night before. Of course like most people she was in disbelief at first, that is until we had decided to pair up and venture down stairs to use the restroom in the middle of the night. This would have been 1 of several encounters that I shared with a few people during that time. On our way back upstairs we heard the basement door open and then close. Assuming it was the lady of the house we walked down the hall to talk with her, only when we got there it was dark and no one was around. 

As we stood there in the darkness looking at each other we heard footsteps running down the hall towards us. We took off running up the stairs and into my room. We made a pact that day to never go down stairs or out of my room at night again. For the remainder of the time I lived in that house (which was nearly 3 years) there was a lot of commotion involving the shadow being, my ex husbands parents being the old timers that they were, began to complain of someone or something grabbing their shoulder and moving things. After moving out we did not return again for another 10 years. 

We were moving and passing through and needed a place to stay over night. By this time his parents health had declined and neither were as mobile as they had once been. We showed up in the middle of the night and put the kids to bed in the room next to the one we were going to sleep in. We were getting ready to settle in for the night when we hear loud heavy footsteps, slowly ascending the staircase that led to where we were. We knew it couldn't have been either one of his parents because they could barely make it around the house let alone a massive flight of stairs. 

Being tired and what not I was not thinking of the possibility of the resident ghost paying us a visit and assumed it was our oldest boy returning from the bathroom. I thought for sure he was going to wake up his grandparents with his repetitive stomping, and popped the door open to tell him to keep it down. Imagine my shock when I opened the door and no one was there. We were convinced it was infect our son and he was playing a prank as he did so often. We'd shut the door and the stomping would commence, only to stop every time I'd pop the door open. Thinking we'd catch him in the act my ex husband went into the room they were sleeping in and surprisingly they were sound asleep. 

But we knew what we were hearing. I recall the last time I opened the bedroom door I felt the door be pushed out of my hands abruptly. Looking at my husband I grabbed the door and shut it tight. I knew in the next moment when someone tapped on the door that the ghost was to blame. As usual we decided it would be best not to acknowledge it and climbed into bed. At first there was a faint door like that of rotting, that only I could smell. It seemed like the more I talked of it the worse the stench became.

 So much that I thought that perhaps a mouse had gotten trapped somewhere in the room and died. After tearing the room apart searching for the source of the smell and not finding anything we gave up and climbed back into bed. For the remainder of that night I laid there listening to what I could only assume was the thing running up and down the hall outside our room hitting the walls along the way. A few years later his parents had passed and I was standing in the basement of this house when I happened to notice that the busted gravestone from 1994 was still sitting there, not repaired. 

Shortly after, the house was remodelled and sold, and the family replaced the tombstone. I often wonder if the new owners too have had any visits from the shadow man or if it was infect my ex husbands grandfather upset about the desecration of his grave and when they replaced the stone he was finally able to rest again.

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