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Ghosts after the war in Mexico - True Story

A long time ago, my great great grandmother used to tell us stories about a war that took place in Mexico. My great great grandmother used to say lots of soldiers died and that their bodies were never recovered, so years later they started building in top houses of the dead bodies. 

We used to live in a house in this neighborhood, it was small, just one room, and one kitchen. The house had no air conditioning, and it was summer, so the heat was no joke. My sisters shared a bed and would usually sleep with their heads peaking out the window to get fresh air. One night my sisters fell into a deep sleep and woke up to a man braiding their hair. My oldest sister Silvia saw the man he was dressed like a soldier like with clothes from back in the days, she froze in fear, she was yelling for my other sister Veronica, because she couldn’t move, she was telling to Veronica “open your eyes so you can see him too”, my sister veronica was too scared to open her eyes but she could feel him braiding her hair too, but she would never look, she was always too scared. That kept happening for a while.

 Every-time they would go to sleep and peak their head out the window it would happen. It would stop stop for a short amount of periods then he would come again. They would tell my dad, but my dad would never believe them. Even one day on pain site my sister saw a women behind my dad, she had on an old dress from back in the days with red Polka dots. She never saw her face because she was always behind my dad staring at him, she was always right behind him following his steps. No one could see her only my sister. 

There was another day when both of my sisters were walking to the restroom, which was far away from the house. They were both scared so they would accompany each other. This day they both heard a baby crying, when they turned they saw a little baby figure walking towards the dumpster, he threw something in and then climbed in the dumpster himself, that went running, and yelling back towards the house. They had to go to sleep scared. 

The next day they told my mother, and my grandmother was there, that’s when my grandmother said a lot of people have seen the baby, it was a little baby with his umbilical cord still attached that he would throw in the the dumpster first then climb into. there’s a saying that one of the wives of a soldier lost her baby and threw him in the dumpster. My grandmother said all of that happened because of the war that happened years ago.

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