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The Spot

I had another experience which I call The Spot. Early 80's. My husband and I moved into a upstair apartment. It was a 3 bedroom. The 3rd bedroom was off from the kitchen ,but we never used it because it had a furnace in there ,gas, and then a bathroom .

 So mostly we used for storage. The first time I saw the spot ,the kitchen light was off. I turned on the light . On the toaster was a round black disk ,the size of a medium paper plate . When I saw it ,it shiver for a moment I could see teeth. It then glided off the toaster ,down the cabinet ,across the floor straight to that spare room where the light was off No sound just gliding. I never mention it to my son and husband . 

The next time I saw it .I walked through the spare room to the bathroom. There was a very small crack around the tub,where the tub was set into a homemade base to support the tub. This spot, as soon as the light came on slide into the very slim crack . I watched it go,this spot did not like light I realized. Again not wanting to alarm my family I said nothing my last intercounter was when I turned off all the lights except the living room light . So between the living room and the dining room it was dark.

 This time I saw the spot at the corner of my eye . I did not look up, but I seen it right at the edge of the light and dark. It was watching me. When I decided to look, I seen it back up into the dark dinning room. The next day I was at my mom's house , with my son. They were in the other room . I over heard my son tell my sister he saw a black spot with teeth and it was shaking like cold and moved silent. I told my husband let's look for another place that is not upstairs . He agreed, we got a house and never seen this thing again.

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