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Black Magic - True Story

While they were kids they lived in a village called Little in Northwest. It was known that most people used black magic there. So one day there was an old man always on his bike he came from one of the neighboring villages and located there, since his arrival people have been experiencing odd things even unknown deaths. Mostly kids were found hanged but non knew whom was behind the killings. Uncle mike almost became a victim but at least one of his friends saw him.

It was late in the afternoon when mikes friend saw mike under the tree outside the school then he was like mike its getting late what are you still doing there let's go home but mike never responded while the friend was still confused also walking a bit closer to mike he then saw a rope being tide up on the tree and mike was like he was frozen on the spot. The friend couldn't see who was tying up that rope the next thing.

 He saw mike being lifted up to the rope so that they can put the rope around his neck and mind you it said the tree was too long that mike could have gone up there himself nor tie the rope. As the friend was watching in terror busy screaming and shouting that mike don't kill your self though he could see that it wasn't mike doing all that but something invisible.

So he started shouting and screaming for help. The neighbors came running only for them to find mike hanged but still fighting and kicking long story short mike was saved the community made investigations and the old man on a cycle was banned from the village.

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