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Dream - True Experience

I was about 23/24 at the time and I had stayed 4 of July weekend with a family friend. I went to their beach house with her family . One day her parents was out , she was outside doing something and her baby was sleeping in the crib. 

I had dosed off watching a movie . And suddenly i was woken up by someone lightly shoving me and whispering “wake up”! I shot up cuz it scared tf out of me and I see what looked like a woman with dark hair and a white dress walk out the room . I ran out and down the hall I heard the baby’s room door close . I went into the room looking around thinking whoever went to her room.

 I looked in the crib and the baby and somehow turned over on her face in her . I course picked her up and my friend took her to urgent care to make sure she was straight . She was fine. But to this day I wonder who or what that was that woke me up.

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