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Rented House - True Story

One day when I was a child me and my parents where looking for a home to settle in closer to my school I used to go to, my parents asked a fiew agencies around the area and one of the agents showed us a home that was reasonable to what we where looking for cheap and not far from school my parents decided to rent it as we where in urgent need to move due to end of school term and we start school in a week.

 Mum saw the house she liked it but there was a strange feeling she had about the house she wasn't yet aware off. We slowly moved into our new home till atleast settling in. Our first night was fine just a bit cold as it wasn't fully furnished yet but there was one room at the far end of the house that always felt so hot Everytime we open the door it also had a rotten smokey smell to it but didn't really pay attention to the idea much, we just always spray it and clean it to get rid of the smell yet it just keeps coming back. 

One night while we where sleeping I heard a cat meowing under my window crying for help I got up to see but then there was nothing to be seen thought I had a dream and I woke up to it. Following night happened same thing around 12am a crying cat calling for help along with the fireplace tray was being dragged in the lounge I was freaking out and wished that it all was a dream while the cat kept meowing louder and louder 

I went to go see that cat this time I saw a black cat under my window crying, the same room that always was so hot suddenly opened I got up ran to my mum and dads room told them I can't sleep and what had happened they told me they woke up on there blanket getting pulled from on top of them; mum went to the kitchen to grab me a glass of water finding the fireplace tray flipped on the floor with ash everywhere mum had also baked some sweet potatoes and left them on the kitchen bench there where some missing and a couple on the floor it was a shocking moment for everyone that we couldn't really believe that was happening, mum ran to us in the room explaining and she said that she no longer wants to stay in this house. 

Dad said let's just calm down and see what we can do in the morning. The next morning mum said she would contact the agent who rented the house to us to find out exactly what had happened in this house, so mum and dad spoke to the lady and invited her over for tea dad asked her to explain why the house was so cheap and what had happened in the house. Mum explained what we where experiencing lately; she then told us that many others liked the home but experienced the same problem and that the original owner of the house came one night from work after a long day cooking himself dinner while suddenly the fire caught onto him while he screamed running to his room to fetch his phone to call someone for help and failed to and passed away.

 After the lady had left leaving us with the option when to leave mum said that we should start packing and leave atleast we could go get a hotel for now till we find something else that night we left to stay at a hotel, while we took our bags and on our way leaving I found the same black cat that was meowing under my window found him dead I knew it wasn't all a dream after all, I knew that all I saw and heard made all sense after hearing the lady say her part to the story to finish it off and knowing that there is another side to life that we cannot see but to know that there is another living out there other than humans hope you guys liked my story I would love to hear yours too

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