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Ghost Experience at Farm

It was 2010 we were living on my father in laws farm in a static caravan my mother in law had past 5 years before we had a Rottweiler and 6 small dogs in a kennel outside who would bark if there was anyone about it was always pitch black on the farm. My father in law was in hi 80’s he had a fall and broke his hip he was in a home and fell out of bed and had to go into hospital.

 Now we had been on holiday so we visited him on our return at the end of the week my husband is one of four children they had all visited my father in law by now he was not too good and had pneumonia we feel that he hung on to see his youngest son. When we returned from the hospital it was around 9.30pm we had just got in and we had a phone call to say my father in law had just passed away.

 I must add this farm was also a sawmill with heavy machinery. In the morning we found the half ton rollers in the sawmill pulled out of the sawmill opening it took a tractor to put it back it’s so heavy no person could lift it there were plant pots put on the boarder of the neighbors boundary whom they had a dispute with over where the boundary was.

 We could not believe our eyes and stood there in disbelief the dogs knew my father in law and would not bark when he was around but would if strangers were about to this day we have no explanation to all the stuff being moved around. We feel it is a message from both parents as his mum had more unbridgeable over the boarder and used to get quite irate over the situation

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