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House on a Plantation

So back in April 2011, we had just move to this new house on a plantation, in the middle of no where . My mom was planning my sister’s birthday party so she told us to clean the house and dust off everything. I started in the living room , while my sisters started in their bedrooms. 

While I was dusting off the TV I insanely felt like someone was behind me but I ignored it & didn’t make a big deal of it . Because my mom was right across from me on the other side so it couldn’t been anyone . We were the only there in the living room ... So I kept going about my business and next thing I know , I felt someone tap my right shoulder and right when they did it . For some reason I was able to see the person in my mind.

He was a old man around he’s 60s , in an old investigation suit and hat , pale white skin, and eyes blue as the ocean . I screamed , & my mom said when she looked up she saw a black shadow behind me . I realize wasn’t afraid , I was just shocked because it was unexpected. It wasn’t my first time that I seen a ghosts/spirit.

I went by my day again , later that afternoon everyone came and we had a great time at my sisters birthday .. so finally everyone left around 1:50 am. 

We started cleaning because we knew we would wake up late and the mess would still be there so we hurry up and clean the mess and we got done around 2 something . Finally it was time to go to bed , I slept in my room by myself while my sisters shared a room . But I never liked my room . It was always cold even the closet felt like it was dam ice machine .,and I always felt like someone else was there even though I was the only one in there . I was so scared I used to always sleep with the door open, which was weird because I never liked having my door open because I felt like someone was watching me but this was the first house I had to have my door open to my room if not I felt like I would attack or something .

So that night i got in the shower and head to bed I was so tired . I remember leaving my door open like always .. And I remember telling my mom that night “Don’t close the door” but I guess she was too tired that she didn’t hear me . Later around 3:15 I woke up to blanket getting pull off me for min I thought it was my sister maybe she came to my room or something like that . And I told her to stop and she kept doing it so I sat up and I realize the door was close and my sister wasn’t there I was so afraid , so I laid back down and next thing I know someone started suffocating me with? the blankets.

I felt my heart just drop and I screamed and screamed and no one in the house heard me . I remember just crying my heart out and thinking I’m about to die. Then it stop , I got up so fast and ran to my parents room . My mom believed me because of what she saw earlier but my dad doesn’t believe in this type of stuff . But I didn’t feel like it was the spirit I saw earlier, it was someone else that was in that room that I haven’t notice . 

I felt like they were hiding in the corner waiting until I would close the door from my room to attack me.  But for a couple of weeks I slept in my parents room and then in my sisters room . Later on my sisters and I switch rooms ,and apparently they slept comfortable nothing happened to them even with the door being closed .. only me I guess ..After the incident I never walked into that bedroom again.

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