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Three Story Ghost House

The house we live in is newly built it is three storey with six bedrooms, we look out onto country views it's nice and peaceful or so we thought! The first strange thing to happen was I was awoken to the bed shaking, felt like an earth tremor, but nothing had been reported. 

This happened several times I thought I was going mad until my 19 year old son said he had also experienced it. Then came the strange noises upstairs creaks and movement.. One day whilst I was out shopping my husband called me in a panic. 

He asked me if I had been home within the last fifteen minutes. I told him no I was still out shopping. Apparantely he heard footsteps above the study. Its not like him to be scared he told me he felt uneasy on his own in the house he checked upstairs but no one there he was quite freaked out.

One evening I was heading up to my bedroom when I caught something in the corner of my eye I looked up to the attic staircase and plain as anything I saw my eldest son walking up the stairs. I said hi Nathan there was no reply. I thought he didn't hear me so I headed on up the staircase to catch up with him. I got half way up and thought odd there's no light on up here pitch black. 

Nathan was not there!! Confused and a little anxious I ran back down the stairs to find Nathan in his bedroom he had been there all evening. Shivers ran down my spine when I realised it must have been a ghost.

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