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Cottage - True Story

This story is about my brother Dan and some of his experiences.Dan bought an old miners cottage in a small village in Leicestershire England. The cottage dated back to the 1800"s. He moved in by himself and everything was great, he was very happy and started to redecorate the place.

One day my brother called me for a chat he mentioned at night he was having trouble sleeping, he had become aware of some rather strange scratching noises coming from his bedside drawers and things left on top of the drawers seemed to have been moved. Trying to think of a logical explanation I asked if it were a possibility he had mice. But he ruled this out. As time went by more strange things would occur. 

He was awoken in the night by his radio, he put this down to the alarm being set, so made sure it was switched off. The next evening he arrived back from work and as he entered the house he could hear the radio really loud upstairs. By this point he was frightened and gripped with fear he made his way to the stairs to investigate further. As he approached the bedroom the radio crackled as though it changed frequency and a man's voice clearly said 'don't be afraid' My brother was certainly afraid so much so he left to stay at the parents house that evening.

 He returned to the house next morning and to his horror discovered a very large mirror had unattached itself from the sitting room wall and placed itself on the opposite side of the room in a very odd position. There could be no explanation, it was impossible for the mirror to fall off the wall and reach the other side of the room in an upright position. Needless to say my brother soon after sold this house and moved on

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