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Scary House - True Story

I grew up in a really scary house, it was old and creaky, lots of unexplained noises. I always had a sense of being watched upstairs along the hallway and staircase. Very often there seemed to be a presence. One evening on my way to bed, everything seemed in the dark. 

Still awake suddenly I felt an intense eerie feeling. I froze with fear and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. It felt as if there were something in the room with me, that watching feeling again. As I looked up sheer terror overcame me as a big grey wolf with yellow glowing eyes strolled out of my bedroom doorway along the hallway and disappearing through the wall. 

Frozen to the spot I could neither move nor speak for what seemed normal. I climbed into bed and settled down. I always left the hallway light on, never did like sleeping a life time. When finally I cried out for my mum. Mum did not quite believe me, she said i must have been dreaming. But I know I was wide awake!

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