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Doll with Real Hair - True Story

This is another of my experience when i was like 11. I was in Mexico one of my aunts had a virgen san juan de los Lagos doll these doll had real hair that grow and my aunt had to cut it and real eye lashes, my aunt had this doll for a long time she had people that will make her dresses and do her hair and she will make big celebrations to h her my aunt had people put money on the doll and fruit and candles

I remember my aunt used to tell us don't get her money because the doll will burn your hands " so we grew up with that. my sister used to be scared of her' she was placed on a china cabinet in the kitchen and my sister said that when she passed through there she could see the doll following her with the eyes one day my sister wanted to buy a cornb

She didn’t have money so she went inside and took money from the doll. that night my sister felt her hands burning and got up she was scared, she told my aunt what she had done. my aunt told her to put the money back and to ask her for forgiveness. So she did. My sister never got close to that doll again till this day that doll still exist. my aunt passed away but the doll went to her daughter .

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