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The Girl on the Stairs

What I am about to tell you is very true. I lived in a house with a sister, her daughter, her daughter's kids, and with my three kids. Anyways one night as we sat in the living room watching tv, my sister said" Ahhh I be quiet!" As we did, I heard the voice of a little girl singing. 

Then on a different night, from our dining room you could partially see the stairs going upstairs. My sister and I were doing a puzzle when I happen to look up toward the stairs. I could see her sitting on the steps from her shoulders down.

 I couldn't see her head. I didn't fear her. Sometimes she would play with dishes in our kitchen. One night my niece actually saw her walk past the den we were in and walk into the kitchen and all the lights were off in the kitchen. Then finally one day I saw her. In broad daylight my sister asked me to upstairs and get something out of the top drawer of her dresser. On the top of the dresser was a huge mirror. 

The door to enter the room was behind me. After finding what I needed to find it he drawer, I looked up in the mirror and there she was standing behind me in the doorway starring at me. We must of stared at each other for about 3 or 4 minutes. She was beautiful with long braids on each side of he head. 

She had the most beautiful big brown eyes I have ever seen. She was wearing a red hoodie. I turned around real fast and she was gone. I ran to the top of the stairs expecting to see her go down and she wasn't there. I wish I could of seen more of her. There were more incidents that chapped in that house as well.

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