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Ghost House - True Experience

My boyfriend and I bought a house across the road from the flat we had about 5 years ago. I used to have some strange dreams in the past and in our old flat. Waking up thinking there was spiders on my pillow. But nothing with someone in the room with me though. So a few years ago about a year and a half after we bought the house I started having very vivid dreams of someone in the room with us at night. I would wake up and see a man standing over me. I would shout who the fxxk are you and obviously wake up my partner.                                                                                                                               

Then one night I slept walked. I got up from bed walked past my drawers and knocked stuff off , knocked stuff off next to the TV, walked past the wardrobe and was up against it hard enough for me to open the sliding doors. Then I made my way to the bedroom door so my partner not realizing I was sleep walking began talking to me to stop me from going down the stairs. At this point I dropped to the floor onto my back starting kicking my legs and arms as if to fight someone off whilst screaming at the top of my lungs. It took a few minutes of my partner apparently talking to me to stop me screaming and fighting. When I opened my eyes I couldn't breathe. 

I was out of breath from screaming and i burst out crying. Since then I have had a few encounters whilst trying to sleep down stairs on the sofa. Both times it's been a hand i see when I look up, coming towards me . I scream and jump up put the light on and no one was there. One of the times there was some one blowing on my hand so I stayed awake all night waiting until my partner got up for work and went upstairs to bed but the blowing on my hand was still happening. Eventually it stopped and I got to sleep.                                              


I have no idea who is doing this as we know the family we bought the house from and no one past away in the house. So if anyone can help or give some advice then fire away.                                                                  

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