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Little Man

My grandmother told me when she was a little girl, she used to share a bed with her sister that faced the kitchen. She said one night there was a full moon and she was restless and couldn’t sleep. She turned and stared at the moon through the window and noticed something slowly moving around behind the wood stove furnace.

 To her horror she realized it was a small, naked creature in the shape of a ‘little man’. She stared at him as he climbed up the side of the stove and out the window. In horrified shock, she didn’t dare close her eyes for the rest of the night. She told me she told her parents and they told her it was her imagination. The next night, she watched and waited and sure enough the same thing happened.

 She stared in horror as he crept out. Suddenly she heard her sister whisper, “you see him?” At that point he froze. Then turned and slowly crept toward them. They were too terrified to speak. Suddenly, he was at the foot of the bed. They could only see the top of his head and his glaring eyes as he slowly moved toward them. As they clutched the sheets, they bit them to keep from screaming. Suddenly they heard him speak. “You have such fat fingers. Can I chew on them?” At that, my grandmother screamed and threw the blanket on him. 

It raced across the floor into the kitchen. My grandfather ran in, and found the blanket. The girls were in tears, hysterical. So my great grandmother took that blanket and burned it, and sprinkled the ashes around the stove mixed with holy water and they never saw him again.

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