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Red Hand - Ghost Experience

I lived in a farmhouse that my grandfather had passed away on the property before I was born always had little things disappear only to randomly appear in other places cold spot at top of the stairs.

My aunts wedding dress was seen floating across what would become my room could hear footsteps upstairs when u were downstairs knowing you were the only one around always a kinda playfulness to these events.

But one night that all changed when i went to go upstairs to go to bed I turned on the light switch at the bottom of the stairs and began to walk up them. I made it about half way when the switch at the top of the stairs turned off from the darkness at the top of the stairs a red hand like claw appeared and began to come down the stairs towards me.

 I jumped backwards down the stairs hit the wall then the ground got up and ran as fast as I could where did it come from and why was it after me all of a sudden?

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