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Night Shift (Short Story - Real Experience)

My night shift is from 11pm-7am. At this hotel, all the hotel rooms got those spring hinge door closer that would pull the door to close. 

This happened on my second night working at the hotel. Usually around 4am, I would need to fill up the snacks and drinks in the mini bar section if it empty. The inventory is located inside a closet nearby kitchen. I opened the closet door and it seem like someone pulled the door shut. 

I thought it was the spring hinge door closer so I tried again. This time, I definitely felt someone yanked the door off my hand and got chilled/goosebumps through my body. Then I looked at the door closely and realized this is a closet door, it should not have any of the spring hinge door closer installed.

I went back to the front desk until my coworker came at 7am. That is when I got the courage to check the door again, and there was no spring hinge door closer at all… Its just a regular door and something did not want me to open it.

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