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Ghost in Library

This happened while I was studying in Australia. I was in a hospital library and I was about to take my online exam in one of the cubicles with computer. I had internet at home but the wifi is more stable at the library and I was there studying the whole day anyway so I figured I'd just take the exam there. The exam window was 6 hours and the exam was to be taken at 2.5 hrs time limit. For some reason I decided to take it at the last 3 hours of the window. 🤦‍♀️

Anyways by the time I finished it was late, around 11pm, and I realized I was the only one left in the library. Btw as this library is inside the hospital no one actually closes it. We all have access cards and are allowed to stay till the wee hours but once you step out after 10pm you cannot go back in till 6am the ff day. Anyways, back to my story--so I was exhausted from my exam and I decided to check my email first before heading out. So it was about close to 12mn already when I got up and headed to the exit. As I was walking toward the door I saw someone sitting in cross-legs behind the bookcases. 

It was dark where she was but it seems she was just sitting there not doing anything. I called out to her to tell her I'm going out and turning off the lights in the computer area. But I didn't get a response so I thought maybe she was sleeping and just leaning to the bookcase or something (coz people do that in this library, apparently). I headed to close the lights and went to check on her if she was ok. As I turn right to the aisle where she was supposed to be to my surprise THERE WAS NO ONE THERE. 😱😱😱 The corridor was totally clean and there's no way you could mistake anything there for a sitting person. 

She couldn't have gone anywhere else as I would've seen her if she stood up and left. The library is not very big and you'd know if someone was still around, and there's only 1 exit. Kinda freaked out after that and ran out and left my book in the library. Good thing it was still there where I left it when I came back in the afternoon the next day. 😄 Never stayed late there again without someone with me.

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