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The Old School


A elderly lady told me spooky story while giving her a ride out of town.The home i grew up in had a spacious attic with a big window in the front, i loved to sit by that window and read. The house directly across the street was built exactly like our house so it also had a large attic window just like our house. On many occasions to many to recall i would get the feeling i was being watched, each time i would glance out the window and spot three children watching me from the attic in the house directly across the street. It frightened me because i knew that house had no children living there, and more frightening the children's clothes were from olden times.

 Curious i decided when i was a teenager to ask my grandmother if she knew anything about the house across the street. My grandparents had lived in our house previous to us moving in. My grandmother knew i liked reading by the attic window. My grandmother said nothing had ever happened at the house across the street but a very old school had sat where the house across was and also had taken up the area of the two houses adjacent homes directly east. My grandmother had heard a rumor that a accident had happened at the old school and some children had been hurt or killed she didn't know the details.

 After telling me this my grandmother scolded me and said stop sitting by that window in the attic, and stop staring at the house across the street, nothing good will come of it. Of course i still did it anyhow. After learning about this horrible tale each time in the attic from then was a different feeling, before it was creepy and frightening now with each sighting it was a feeling of absolute dread and despair. Later after finishing high school and moving away my parents sold that home and moved away as well. My visits to my hometown were few and far between but i have never returned to that street i grew up on.

 Years and years later i learned a young women that had lived in my childhood home had runaway and many months later was found dead in a basement a few blocks away, cause of death is still a mystery. It made wonder if that poor young women that had lived in my childhood home years after me had saw what i saw from that attic window. I don't wanna speculate on the supernatural but all those occurrences seem to be intertwined somehow or maybe its just a coincidence? 


 The old school did exist and when it was torn down the lumber and bricks were salvaged and used in the construction of the three houses mentioned in this story they still exist and sit on the same spot as the old school. Not sure if my rider knew this. The story about the runaway girl is tragically very true and 42 years later is still a open unsolved case. As for the rest of the story that depends on your own personal beliefs.

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