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Angry Faces

Ok I've had a few experiences but only one time did I actually see apparitions....and it was a doozy. I was at my friends house, a really old place that had been a school at one point, then a speakeasy, then it burned and was rebuilt. My friends bedroom had a loft in it with an extra bed, that's where me and my husband were sleeping. It was his birthday and he had gotten a bit tipsy and when he's like that he will not wake up until morning lol.

I laid down with him and immediately felt uneasy. I could feel eyes boring holes into me (omg getting chills just thinking about it). I was so terrified I was like "just go to sleep, it'll go away. Don't look" but it was unrelenting. Finally after what seemed like eternity I slowly rolled over and opened my eyes so I could look behind me. There were THREE people standing over me STARING. An older woman with white hair up in a bun, with a long old school looking dress.

Two men probably 30s or 40s, both wearing suits and hats, one had a mustache and the other was clean shaven. They looked all black and white and gray, no colors. They all had very mean faces. My heart stopped and I rolled over quick as I could and grabbed my husband and just started shaking him and yelling at him, but yeah he wouldn't wake up 💁 so I'm like go to sleep go to sleep ignore it ignore them but I still feel them there. And they were blocking the way to the ladder to get out of the loft. I was so terrified, but I turned around again because I wanted to see if I could get the hell out of there yet.

This time when I turned all three of them were leaned down over me with their faces literally a foot away from mine, if that. The most angry faces, baring gnashing teeth at me. I swear I could hear them talking inside my head. I absolutely lost it and screamed and just closed my eyes and ran. Fell down the ladder and got out of that room. Nothing happened the rest of the night. The next morning when I told my friend she asked me what the lady looked like and I told her. Her grandmother had seen her several times. I'm the only one who's ever seen the two men.

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