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Sister Maddy


It was November, our field trip. me and my friends had to go early to school. it was like 4:30 AM. me and Friend(not saying her name cause she said so) was walking on the hallways to buy food from the early opened cafeteria downstairs. I was using My other friends phone(mine got confiscated) scrolling through facebook. she suddenly screamed and ran away to go up. I was left in shock, even the cafeteria staff got scared. I followed her to the room and found her crying with our teacher. she said she saw somebody taller than all of us, but looked like her, and beside her was a nun. I didn't believed it at first so I just comforted her.

 The fieldtrip went smoothly, but a week after that. I excused myself to pee, it was 2PM afternoon. I went to the bathroom, I was alone. On the way inside, I encouter a nun we call them sister in our school. so I said "Good afternoon sister." but she just passed by me. I was shocked, but maybe she didn't hear me. afterwards I went back in the room. two of my friends and I went to the canteen. I told my friends about the encounter with sister, and the friend of mine screamed. I knew she was still traumatized, but shocked me when I saw that my other friend was scared too. she told me "didn't you remember, the sisters and some faculty staff are all in fieldtrip in Baguio." I was shocked too, but since I was a brave girl as they said, I just said that maybe some sisters didn't come. They thought it didn't haunt me, but I was scared as hell. I felt like, what my friend saw was... real. I talked to her after that. when I described the sister I saw, she cried and said that was the same sister she saw. 

I was scared but I didn't wanna show weakness. Later that night I dreamed about the sister and she told me that I am not gonna be safe. I woke up early because it's our intrams. It was 3AM when me and my boy bestfriend was walking back at the room. I was about to grab my bag because the fun run was gonna start in 3:50 but I saw someone stading in the window, at first I didn't get scared but I remembered, Our room was in the second floor. I looked at it closely and realized, it was the sister... without eyes. I fell on the floor and started screaming at the top of my lungs. I didn't know what happened next. I woke up in the clinic, and found a scar on my forehead. 

My friend said. "I run to you as soon as I heard you scream, I was shocked to see you were bleeding." the told me to go home, All my friends visited me, I was okay. until I saw her again in school. I was about to go inside my room because I was late, she looked at me, I panicked, but I went to a different way, I looked back and saw... My friend was saying the truth. But the one standing behind sister now... is a child.

Some of you might not believe, and say this is a lie. But since I'm close to the two librarian, I asked them about it, together with the friend of mine that saw it too. Mr. _____ said, "it is sister Maddy. she died when she was raped, she also had a little girl she take care of the kid used to be a street beggar so she adopted it. She died long time ago. Rumors said that the sister only shows herself every two years." 

That is all I know from her, but... I never saw her again, neither did my friend.

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