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Ghost House of a Famous Artist

My husband and I lived in a home that was built in 1875. It was the home of a very famous artist. It was also massively haunted. 

There were 3 happenings in our home. The first, coming up the stairs I thought I saw our housemate. I saw a man dressed in jeans and a T shirt. I called out... " Hey, what are you doing home so early," happy to see my friend. The man looked up at me, as if he was looking past me, and then vanished. It was the strangest experience of my life. 

The second time was during a thunderstorm. I was watching a movie, playing around on Myspace (way back then) ... When I heard a child giggle and say "Hi" ... The movie I was watching had no such lines or parts with children. I got up, grabbed my keys, and quickly ran out the door. I went straight to my husband's work and waited till he was done. 

The 3rd time, my husband swore he saw a woman standing in the kitchen. He called out to her, thinking it was me, asking for a cup of tea. He also saw the same outline of a woman standing in the window. No one was in the house, I was outside walking our dog. When he walked back into the kitchen, it was empty.

We had guests come over and they said they heard babies crying, and talking from another room... And asked who else was visiting? 

The funny thing is, I actually fell in love with that house, and it's ghosts. It became common to hear a loud bang, or for a door to just randomly fly open. I actually cried when the summer was over and our lease was up. I did not want to move, but we could not stay. 

So that's my story. The house I live in now is quite old and quite weird too. Things that should not fall off tables seem to get flung off the table in one particular room of the house. The basement door has rattled a few times, we can't seem to figure out why.

I think some of us are just destined to live with ghosts. We've lived in quite a few strange houses

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