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Care Giver - True Story

Taking me a while to share my experience that I had. I was a live-in caregiver 94 year old woman I would go Friday morning till Monday morning the first few months no problem. My client would have me turn off every light in the house. Not something I was used to. Cuz at home I sleep with the TV on every night. After a few months I started to feel a little unsettling to me I started hearing more things may be seeing some things that I wasn't sure I was seeing.

 It got to the point where I would put a long-running show on my phone and we're an earbud to drowned out the noises that I was hearing. Okay I got in bed I was laying on my right side curled up watching a show on my phone and all of a sudden I feel like hands at the foot of the bed I could feel the imprint of the hand go down into the mattress. as the hands climbed up towards me my body was getting numb. My feet went numb my knees went numb to the point where I could not move at all and mind you I was wide awake this whole time I had just laid down. 

The next thing I was completely numb all I can do is move my eyes and the top of my head I wasn't sure what I was seeing at first look like spider legs the only thing I could do is try and blow it away off my pillow and the closer it came to me I can see that they were fingers long bony pointy fingers. I was like screaming inside doing what I could to get out of this and as I'm screaming inside it came out of my mouth and I was out of it I had my body back I had control and my lady actually woke up saying are you okay .

 I told her I just seen the spider on my pillow. .. I have no idea what that was but all I know I was scared to death.. I don't work for her anymore. I have one more store to share another time. That one ended my employment.

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