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Shadow Person

My brother’s house had a shadow person that I believe talked him into killing himself at 44. I saw a small unformed shadow, blacker than black crouched by my brother’s front door before he died and it zipped away. I never felt threatened by it. But he had another tall one in his bedroom after he died that was evil feeling. 

Gradually my brother’s demeanor and personality changed drastically. He fought so much with my mom, screaming matches over the most insanely stupid things all day long, that I’m convinced he caused her to have several strokes.

They lived together all their lives, and obviously got along before that. He kept his room pitch black at all times, and his door closed. In hindsight I think it was so he couldn’t see the shadow person or have it leave the room.

He would come out for a few minutes each day, where he would fly into his rages. Then at one point as quickly as his rages started, they stopped. He ventured into the rest of the house more and tried his best with mom as she recovered from her stroke after the rehab nursing home. 

Then one morning at 3:30 am we got the call that he was dead. It was from a crazy cocktail of drugs. After he died, the house was abandoned as neither I nor his son wanted it. The house keeps selling every 2 years or so and you can watch the price continually plummet, like the ppl can’t sell it fast enough.

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