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Grandfather's Apartment (Ghost Experience)

ghost house

About 13 years ago I lived in a little fishing community in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was about 13. My dad, step mother, brother, step brother and myself lived in a basement apartment at my grandfather& No 39's house. 

One day my brother and I were the ONLY ones home. It was a small apartment and there was a hallway that went the length of it. Started at my dad and step mom's room and ended at a little furnace room. The living room and kitchen were directly a crossed from each other. 

Anyways, my brother and I were standing in the living room right by the entryway, I don't remember if we were arguing or just talking but I seen this thing fly by the entryway like someone threw it from the end of the hallway by my parents room. My brother and I went out right away to investigate and there was a ball of electrical tape spinning on the floor by the furnace room door. There was no explanation. Nobody was home but us.

My dad also had something happen there, he wakes up and has his coffee every morning at the kitchen table. One morning he was sitting there talking to my step mom the coffee cup was sitting close to the middle of the table. It decides to spill. It was a full cup of coffee. Nobody bumped the table.

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