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Cute Teen Girl


This is a real story that has happened to one of my friend.

Basically he is an alcoholic guy, whenever we patch up or meet eventually he will convey us to consume beers and stay awake till late at night.. So this very weekend our friends circle decided to meet as planned, we all gathered together and started to drink.. all of the sudden his parents called him and pursue him to arrive home as soon as possible because their parents were to attend a funeral of their relatives and their younger siblings were all alone by themselves at home.

 So he went home ahead of us totally drunk, as he was riding his bike towards his destination.he saw a cute teen girl in his way single by her own near a tree looking scared.. He felt pity on her and decided to give her lift because he thought avoiding her might lead to something seriously worse situation... Then he said to her sit in back so he will drop her off unscathed, while traveling along the road my friend felt very light while driving his bike as you know if someone stay behind ur back when driving its get heavier.

So he got little confuse at that moment, as he look at his conceive mirror 'shocked' just to see he was all alone by himself riding lonely in dark, with full courage he decided to full his back to watch as per his eye witnesses that freaky creep was floating in mid air by seat cover for 20/30cm above, hair covered her face . This totally frightened him out and his hand being shaky panicky pulled his neck christ-cross behind it, he pussed full accelarater so fast and reached his home safe; just leaving his bike laying on ground, told his parents and called priest immediately to pray; so after a few days we decided to meet him as we heard that he is not doing well... So we heard the incident.. now he is totally change doesn't drink alcohol

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