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Haunted House

This legit happened to me in 6th grade.My parents, me and my younger brother snd sister had moved into a 2 story house in Tucson, AZ from Texas. After living there about 6 months my parents split up. So my dad moved out. Well my tpunger brother and sister stayed with my dad a lot and so it was just my mom and i in this house. Her room was upstairs and mine was the only room downstairs.

Weird stuff started happening. Little things at first. Like the microwave turning on the toilet across from my room flushing. I just ignored it. Then id start hearing footsteps up stairs that sounded like children (more than 1) running around. Well my brother and sister werent there so that started freaking me out. It kept getting worse! I started hating this house hated being in this house. It didnt feel like "home" to me. 

Well one night, im sound asleep in my room and i hear the front door slam open. So I go out thinking maybe my mom came home upset or something its like 2-3 am. But there was no one there. It wasnt windy and I ALWAYS made sure all the doors were locked. Especially since it was just my mom and I. And shes all the way upstairs. So i ran shut the door locked it put a chair under the handle and ran upstairs and slept with my mom the rest of the night.

Tild her what happened next day. She had a friend, I dont know what youd call her. But she could like go somewhere and feel the energy or whatever and figure out whats going on. 

Oh by the way the house was rented they didnt buy the house.

So she came over. And she said that the people the first owned this house when it was first built (I dont know how old this house was) the father had drowned his 2 children in the bathtub upstairs. And then killed himself. He was a very angry and violent man.

Made sense, hearing footsteps of kids running upstairs and then the front door slamming open! She ended up somehow finding the murder- suicide in the paper a couple months later. And after the lease was up we moved out. But ill never forget it and it was the scariest shit I have ever seen!

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